Nearly 70% of the coal mines in Ordos depression,

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Nearly 70% of the coal mines in the transformation dilemma of the coal city Ordos depression or have stopped production

nearly 70% of the coal mines in the transformation dilemma of the coal city Ordos depression or have stopped production

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have stopped production? Or not stop production? This is a problem

Ordos, which gathers hundreds of coal mines of all sizes and whose coal output accounts for one sixth of the country, is facing unprecedented anxiety. Mining coal, there is no profit at all. Or loss, or balance, shutdown is like an ultimate destination, forcing all operators to make choices

according to the news from CCTV, half of the coal mines in Ordos have stopped production. A local coal practitioner revealed that the actual proportion was higher than this, probably close to 70%. Especially for those enterprises far away from the railway transportation line, coal has been in a state of no interest. For the coal mines that continue to maintain production, it is not because of profits, but because of the hope that the market may be slightly warmer in the second half of the year, bringing a breath of congestion. Once the production is stopped, the cost of restarting is higher

strong rise in ten years, sudden decline in three years. Ordos is going through the most difficult time after experiencing the flashiness and returning to silence. Few cities in China, like Ordos, coincide with the growth trajectory of China's economy. Under the growth mode at the cost of resource consumption and environmental pollution, the extreme speed and stall of economic growth in Ordos is like a curse, showing a consistent rhythm with the Chinese economy

now, China's economy is changing its course, and it is time for Ordos to find a way out. Faced with the difficult choices unknown, how can the resource curse be broken

from Dongsheng to Kangbashi on June 10, the Dongkang Expressway from Dongsheng District of Ordos to Kangbashi will be temporarily closed for five days from this day. Civil servants who go to work from Dongsheng to Kangbashi every day have to choose to detour

Ordos has entered a period to welcome the grand event. More than 50 days later, the 10th national minority traditional sports meet will be held in Ordos. Two giant venues like Mongolian hats on the Dongkang expressway are in the process of construction. Compared with the quiet atmosphere of the whole city in the past two years, it has a festive atmosphere

this sports meeting is regarded as an opportunity for Ordos to show its new image to the whole country. At a recent meeting, publicity minister sujianrong asked all functional departments of the municipal government to do a good job in this grand event with a high degree of stressing politics, showing the history and culture of Ordos and expanding the influence of Ordos

Ordos needs to change its image. For a long time, this city on the Inner Mongolia Plateau was regarded as "Dubai of China". Rich coal deposits have enabled the city to rise rapidly in the past decade. The story of Ordos coal boss throwing money at him has become a talk at the dinner table. The magnificent new town construction also conveys the story of building a city after it became rich

the whole city of Ordos is surrounded by a large "zigzag" of the Yellow River, in which there are rolling hills and deserts. Although there is yellow river on all three sides, there is a shortage of water in jiziwan. In the national economic map, this was once an insignificant plate, because the natural conditions were relatively poor and the population was sparse. The two plains formed by the alluvial flow of the Yellow River in the northwest region, which gathered industry, agriculture and most of the population, were missed because they were separated by a river here

at that time, it was called YIKEZHAO League. In a land area of 87000 square kilometers, the total population is only 1.9 million. As a typical agricultural and animal husbandry area, its economic connection with the outside world is to cross the Yellow River and transport the agricultural and animal husbandry products

however, the heaven may present it in another way. Coal mines are buried under 70% of the strata in Ordos. The proved reserves are more than 160 billion tons, and the estimated reserves are nearly 1trillion tons, accounting for about 1/6 of the total reserves in China. In the past few decades, relying on coal mining, a number of resource rich have emerged rapidly and risen in the west, creating an amazing wealth myth

at the beginning of this century, although Ordos cashmere sweater has been well-known nationwide, its birthplace, YIKEZHAO League, is unknown to most people. The climate here is dry, with a wide range of crops and a small harvest. It can't lay down a few grains a year. Even in Inner Mongolia, when it comes to Yimeng, except that the people there have a straightforward drinking style, they are poor

it is inevitable to put Ordos in the overall economic situation of China. Shanxi Province used to be a resource rich area, providing energy products in the whole planned economy era. However, when the average annual growth rate of this country exceeds double digits, the output and efficiency of traditional energy products are far from meeting the market demand, and the coal reserves in some cities are almost exhausted

in this way, the Ordos plateau near Shanxi quickly filled the gap. Geographically, this is also the coal production area closest to the economic load center. Yulin in Shaanxi and Ningdong in Ningxia, which belong to the same geographical unit, have also welcomed the rapid development at the beginning of this century because of the rich coal resources

Ordos has risen, just like Datong and Yangquan, the former coal cities, exporting thermal coal to provide a steady stream of power for China, a rapidly expanding economy. Approaching or exceeding the double-digit economic growth rate has been magnified several times when it is transmitted here through the economic gear. We can see that in 2000, after the paper-making enterprises extended to the upstream and downstream, the economic aggregate of Ordos doubled every one or two years. Just like in the early 1980s, the "rapid flow of water" once dominated Shanxi's resource-based economy, the national market's thirst for energy triggered a boom in the city's resource development, and its own growth rate exceeded 30%

in the last round of economic growth cycle, this demand for power was so strong: from North China to South China, various places were launching industrial projects, the power of new thermal power units was rising, and the black coal burned into a red fire, starting the whole economy

among the large and small coal mines in Ordos during this period, whether it was the state-owned enterprise Shenhua or an unknown small coal mine, coal trucks lined up in long lines. People are scrambling to pay money and seize the opportunity to ship coal first. The coal mining machinery has not been started yet, and wealth has been rolling in. At that time, it was common to see that coal bosses carried whole bags of money to deposit almost every day. The wealth manufacturing machine has created the first round of rich people in Ordos, and such rich people have also become a new wealth engine, driving the emergence of rich people in relevant industries in Ordos

"per capita GDP of Ordos will exceed that of Hong Kong." In 2009, the then vice chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region made an inadvertent remark, which put Ordos into the national spotlight

when liangshangyan, the former CEO of Xinghewan, first arrived in Ordos, she encountered a problem: she could not rent a house. At that time, in Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia, the annual rent for renting a 100 square meter house was 6000 yuan, and in Ordos it was 60000 yuan. At that time, Ordos was a place where wealth gathered. The Xinghewan Mansion Project rose up on the side of the road from Dongsheng to Kangbashi. Various private funds, private banks and luxury agents gathered on Dongsheng Street in the small city

the huge amount of fiscal and tax revenue has brought a great sense of pride to government officials at all levels in Ordos, and also provided sufficient financial support for the construction of Kangbashi new area. A new city has been established on the vast grassland without any infrastructure. The leaders of the city believe that the population concentration of Ordos is not enough. In Ordos region, several million level cities can be formed and become the center of the northwest region. As a result, more than a dozen large-scale industrial parks have started construction one after another. The original 138 towns and townships have been merged into 48. Ordos has entered a process of accelerating urbanization

from Mengxi to China

it should be said that Ordos, as an underdeveloped region, has achieved such prosperity to a certain extent. In this land, the state-owned economy is underdeveloped and has limited control over social resources. A few enterprises have also carried out privatization reform in time. When the development opportunity suddenly came, a number of private energy enterprises were quickly promoted and became the pillar to support the doubling of the economy

in the heyday of Ordos, numerous research institutions swarmed here to interpret the Ordos phenomenon from various angles. The refinement from Ordos itself is: strong government leadership, enterprise market operation, factor agglomeration and optimization, and independent economic growth. "Enterprise market operation" can be said to objectively evaluate the Ordos phenomenon. In the early 1990s, Shenhua Group, a central enterprise, completed the layout of high-quality resources earlier, and based on this, it grew into the world's largest coal group. At this time, the vast Ordos Plateau is like a blank land, which can be developed by private capital

this golden age of private capital began in the late 1990s. Yunmingmin, former Secretary of the Alliance Committee of YIKEZHAO League, proposed to let private enterprises take the lead. Ordos completed the strategic withdrawal of state-owned shares earlier and fully relaxed the market access of private enterprises

2003, except for infrastructure industries such as railway, thermal power and pipeline, all local enterprises in Ordos were privatized. Ordos group, Yitai group, Yidong group and elion group became large private groups. They are known as the four groups that pioneered the private economy in Ordos

with the economic leap of Ordos, the four groups have achieved explosive growth, and have successively broken through the original industries and become diversified groups. Thereafter, private capital launched an all-round attack. Dongfang Road and bridge group was restructured from Highway Engineering Bureau. The private Wanzheng group merged the state-owned distillery. A strong group of private enterprises, rising rapidly, plays an important role in the economy of Ordos

in a short decade, the four groups have cultivated a large number of management talents. After obtaining the necessary accumulation, these business talents started their businesses again and again, setting off a new round of entrepreneurial upsurge. These enterprises have familiar contacts, and most of them have countless origins and kinship

however, these groups of private entrepreneurs are different from other regions. In the areas dominated by resource-based economy, the government naturally has a huge dominant power in the economic operation. In the fields of resource allocation, safety supervision and so on, government officials have the power to take life or death. This makes the private enterprises in Ordos, on the one hand, different from Shanxi and Heilongjiang, have certain flexibility, and can quickly seize the opportunity to fill the opportunity in the coal market; On the other hand, these powerful private enterprises, born out of government regulation and attached to the powerful government, still maintain inextricably linked interests with the government

this special political and business relationship has accompanied the whole process of the rise of Ordos. Up to now, many energy based enterprise groups in Ordos have possessed strong strength, but

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