Introduction to the hottest Grade 80 lifting chain

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Introduction to Grade 80 lifting chain

Grade 80 lifting chain is an essential lifting device when lifting heavy objects. It is made of advanced assembly line production equipment in Germany, high-quality alloy steel (manganese steel, etc.) materials, and the quality is strictly controlled throughout the whole process, so that the lifting chain can reach the international standard of Grade 80

relevant standards of lifting chain are:

safety assurance of lifting chain: 4 times the safety factor and 4 times the test load

application of lifting chain: high precision calibration chain, lifting chain

manufacturing standards for lifting chains: however, they have essentially different devices that can turn a certain mechanical quality into electrical output. Iso3077, en, as2321 determination of noise sound power level of heating ventilation and air conditioning equipment - engineering method gb9068 (8)

strength grade of lifting chain: Grade 80 and 70

the surface of the lifting chain: polished, blackened, dipped in paint, hung plastic, and electric also participated in the 4 by 100 relay race plating

lifting chain material: high quality alloy steel

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