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Introduction to double-layer paste packaging

now it is simple and complicated to choose toothpaste in shopping malls

simply, there are countless brands of toothpaste on the price; What is complicated is that so many toothpastes are very similar in terms of packaging and function. In contrast, there is little difference. Choosing toothpastes is more about choosing prices

it should be said that foreign giants such as Colgate, P & G and Unilever have brought a new packaging concept to the domestic toothpaste market. Under their guidance, many brands of toothpastes gave up the metal outer packaging of toothpastes in the past and used the flexible tube packaging made of L aluminum plastic sheet instead

the aluminum-plastic packaging not only makes the toothpaste look more comfortable in appearance, but also makes it easier to use some colorful patterns on the aluminum-plastic packaging, which makes the toothpaste look more beautiful

there is nothing wrong with aluminum-plastic packaging replacing metal packaging, but many enterprises "don't want to make progress" after using aluminum-plastic packaging, rarely update the packaging, and completely adopt "taking doctrine". Therefore, most toothpastes on the market are basically red, white, blue and yellow in color, and their shapes are basically the same. In terms of the packaging function of toothpaste, the manufacturers are content with the current situation and do not carry out innovation. I personally think there are the following reasons: 1. The existing aluminum-plastic composite hose has achieved great success in replacing metal packaging. The production of wind chime "Kodama echo" aluminum-plastic hose has been industrialized. The manufacturers believe that there is no alternative packaging better than aluminum-plastic hose at present 2. The inventor has many patents in this respect, but the manufacturer does not recognize them. The shortcomings include complex process structure, high production cost, and the need for the manufacturer to update the equipment for in-depth research and development, which is time-consuming and laborious; 3. There is no demand in the climate of large market; But in my opinion, whoever pushes through the old and brings forth the new will occupy a larger market share and be invincible

some insiders believe that the current toothpaste packaging is too similar and lack of new products. China has been able to develop and produce a series of advanced and efficient products with Chinese characteristics, such as high-speed automatic chain blanking machine, high-speed pin machine, high-speed tube rolling machine, roller 5-position cold heading machine, high-speed chain automatic assembly line, multi position flat top chain automatic forming and assembly line, mesh belt furnace heat treatment automatic line, high-speed wear-resistant testing machine, new fatigue testing machine, etc Practical chain making and testing special equipment are not attractive to consumers at the same time Their outer packaging is the same, there is no difference. When I first bought it, it was full and beautiful, but after a period of use, the less toothpaste it was, the harder it was to squeeze. It could not be placed vertically upward. The extrusion amount of toothpaste was not easy to control, and the cylindrical paste was easy to roll off the bristles

after years of research on toothpaste packaging, I summarized the design and invented a toothpaste packaging with mature technology, which has been patented by the state and can be transferred in practice. Compared with the existing paste packaging tube, the utility model has outstanding advantages. The utility model is a double-layer packaging tube, which adds an outer tube of patented design. After extruding the outer tube, the air pressure acts on the inner tube to deform and output the paste as a whole. No matter how much the paste is, the shape of the outer tube after extrusion remains unchanged, which is convenient for extruding and outputting the paste again until the paste is completely extruded; Solve the problem that the less toothpaste in the existing toothpaste packaging, the harder it is to squeeze. The utility model can be placed vertically upward, and the outer tube material can select various elastic plastics, which can be designed into various shapes to distinguish from other brand products; The outer tube is equipped with a thin extrusion area, and its size and deformation degree control the paste output. The inner hose can be composite plastic or composite aluminum-plastic hose. Due to the outer pipe, the strength and quality requirements of the inner pipe can be reduced, which can partially solve the dependence on imported hose sheets and reduce costs. The process structure of the utility model is simple, only the outer tube is added, and the manufacturer does not need to change the production process. On the basis of the existing composite hose filling equipment, it can be produced, which is worthy of promotion and popularization. The utility model is suitable for the packaging of paste like articles such as toothpaste, skin care cosmetics, etc. In addition, the cover body designed for toothpaste packaging can be opened by holding the packaging body with your hand and moving your thumb, squeezing the side of the tube head of the packaging body to output a flat rectangular paste, which is easy to adhere to the brush surface of the toothbrush and does not roll off

Author: Xiao Honghua

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