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Introduction to the global RFID Application Exhibition and China Summit

from April 26 to 28, 2005, the RFID China Forum at the Beijing International Convention Center, China sincerely invites you to attend in China on April, 2005. "Global RFID Application Exhibition and China Summit 2005 spring" held in Beijing. Radio frequency identification (RFID), commonly known as electronic tag technology, is listed as one of the top ten important technologies in this century as a high-tech and the basis of information standardization for rapid, real-time and accurate collection and processing of information. RFID technology is widely used in production, retail, logistics, transportation and other industries through the unique and effective identification of physical objects (including retail goods, logistics units, containers, freight packaging, production parts, etc.). RFID technology has gradually become an indispensable technical tool and means for enterprises to improve the level of logistics supply chain management, reduce costs, informatization of enterprise management, participate in the international economic cycle, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

multinational corporations represented by Wal Mart, Metro, Tesco, target, home depot and other global retail giants are setting off a storm in the retail logistics industry. 2005 is a threshold for international suppliers to apply RFID technology. RFID technology is closely linked with the global supply chain. In the next decade, it will compete fiercely with bar code technology for the market, and will bring a century of changes to the global supply chain

we successfully held the "global RFID China Summit" in October 2004, and nearly 400 guests and experts from more than 20 countries attended the event. At the "global RFID China Expo 2005 spring" event in 2005, Wal Mart, target, Metro, an international retail giant and purchaser, and the reason why the molecular movement has obvious relaxation characteristics, home depot, Procter GAM, can rest assured to work in our unit, international automatic identification technology related organizations aim global, EPC global, uid Center (Japan), association of RFID (Korea), RFID product and application solution provider Savi, Ti RFID, Accenture, zebra technologies, sap, IBM, Sun Microsystems, global market consulting companies Forrester Research, Deloitte Consulting, and leaders of relevant Chinese ministries and commissions will visit Beijing again to join hands with the "RFID China Forum" to discuss the application and future of RFID

Global RFID Application Exhibition and China Summit 2005 spring positioning:

· East and West meet again in Beijing, Discuss the application and future of RFID

· the first meeting between global RFID applicators and suppliers

· help Chinese manufacturing enterprises cope with the problems of bone loss and prosthesis loosening in the long run. Requirements for international purchasers

· analysis of real successful cases of RFID Application

· RFID international standard update

· comprehensive display of the latest RFID products

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