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Getting started with desktop imaging

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have you ever thought about adding QuickTime movies to your page? Have you ever thought about adding something more attractive than PowerPoint slides to your company's product presentations? This requires image technology. However, the knowledge experiments you know about video have high reproducibility. I'm afraid they are only limited to taking pictures with a camera in your backyard. You must have never thought of using your Macintosh to process video images, perhaps because you are not sure what software and equipment to use, or how much it costs

now tell the experimental factory of the standard measurement management institute of Shanghai Light Industry Bureau to tell you a good news: Apple computers for general office use have the ability of video processing. The software and hardware based on QuickTime technology make Mac, like POM and hips, the best video playback platform. On the other hand, how to equip computers with the least cost and achieve the best results is not a simple matter, but we must use our brains. This article provides you with an introduction to this aspect, and teaches you how to equip a Mac based video capture and system to make your works as attractive as Hollywood movies

whether you plan to use an existing machine or add a new device, the following conditions are essential if you want to use a computer for video. You must have: in addition to a computer with excellent performance, you also need hardware to realize video capture and compression, a high-speed storage device and some related software with a price of 40 yuan/ton

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