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Introduction to coin operated coffee machine

concept of coin operated coffee machine:

coin operated coffee machine: the full name of the coin operated automatic coffee machine (vending coffee machine) is a machine equipped with an internal electronic control system, including coin recognition device, indication control device, raw material storage device, compared with the straw square used in traditional sand prevention and control, water supply device, mixing and discharging device, etc. So that consumers can achieve instant coffee trading activities through simple operations by throwing coins. Also known as the automatic beverage vending machine, the machine can automatically drop the cup, and a cup of coffee or milk tea and fruit juice will be automatically produced by throwing a cup of coin. The internal of the machine has a powerful setting function, which can set the concentration and water volume of the beverage at will, and the temperature can also be adjusted at will. According to the grade of the place, you can also set the price of drinks at will. There is also a counting function, which is convenient for the use and management of buyers

the coin operated coffee machine is generally divided into one or more raw material storage devices, That is to say, it can produce many different drinks "We are like 'Lubricants'. We also have hot and cold machines. We can produce cold drinks in summer and hot drinks in winter. The machines have voice. More and more universal tensile testing machines appear in the Chinese market to prompt convenient sales. Some machines are added with liquid crystals, which can play advertisements and videos, thus adding a good advertising carrier. It is also a value-added service.

front of coin operated coffee machines Body: ------ vending machine

Hong Kong and Taiwan region is also known as: vending machine, vending machine. It is a machine that automatically pays according to the money invested. Vending machine is a common equipment of commercial automation. It is not limited by time and place, and can save manpower and facilitate transactions. In the 1st century A.D., the device for automatically selling holy water made by hero of Alexandria, a Greek, was the world's first vending machine. The oldest existing vending machine in Japan is the "automatic stamp and Postcard vending machine" invented by makiya Takashi in 1904. In 1925, the United States developed a vending machine for selling cigarettes, and since then there have been various modern vending machines for selling tickets. In 1950, a kind of life insurance called "flight insurance" was sold in vending machines at airports, but this kind of vending machine has disappeared, because American courts generally tend to believe that this kind of insurance is detrimental to the seller. The types, structures and functions of modern vending machines vary according to the items sold, mainly including food, beverages, cigarettes, stamps, tickets, daily necessities and other vending machines. General vending machines are composed of coin devices, indicating devices, storage and selling devices, etc. The coin device is the core of the vending machine. Its main function is to confirm the authenticity of the coins, sort the types of coins, and calculate the amount. If the amount invested reaches the value of the purchased goods, a sales signal will be sent and the remaining money will be found. The indicating device is used to indicate the variety of goods selected by the customer. The storage and sales device stores goods, receives the sales instruction signal, and sends the goods selected by customers to the delivery port. The coin device of general vending machine consists of a coin slot, a sorting device, an inspection device to confirm the authenticity of coins, and a calculation device to calculate the amount of money. It is regarded as a source of success and a change device. Since the 1970s, there have been various new vending machines controlled by microcomputers and larger scale unmanned vending systems that use credit cards to replace coins and connect with computers, such as unmanned shopping malls, automatic ticket selling and checking systems in stations, automatic cash payment machines in banks, etc

in Japan, there is a high population density and a very low rate of destruction and crime. It seems that you can sell any goods in the vending machine without restriction. Alcohol drinks, snacks and cigarettes can be bought in the vending machine exclusive to Japanese adults. Sometimes you will find that the goods sold by the vending machine are a whole bottle of drinks, boxed beer, potted plants and pairs of underwear. Japan ranks first in the world in the number of vending machines that can be owned by every 23 people

in the United States, most vending machines are operated by stores or individuals. They store goods and make profits by buying or renting them. Other vending machines, such as those belonging to the United States postal service, are maintained by government authorities or government related units. There is an independent vending machine that attracts the attention of people who have never done business. This type of vending machine can operate in one machine and sell two kinds of goods: candy and beverage/dessert

the popularity of such machines in China is far from enough

derivatives of coin operated coffee machine: ------ vending beverage machine

also known as automatic beverage machine, when the raw material storage device in the coin operated coffee machine is not only placed with coffee powder; When an ice water device is added to the coin operated coffee machine, it becomes a new automatic beverage vending machine, which can provide consumers with instant cold and hot drinks, including ice coffee, milk tea, fruit juice, Guangdong herbal tea, etc

applicable places of coin operated coffee machine 1. Bar place: cashier of bar 2. School place: University Town, middle school, school canteen 3. Business reception: car sales shop, 4S shop, real estate company sales office, bank, investment promotion office 4. Office place: office building, foreign-funded enterprise, joint venture, large company office 5. Business place: entrance of large shopping malls, pedestrian street, Commercial Street 6. Business place: wedding studio, Cake houses, cafes, clubs, leisure centers, hotels 7. Family places: for family use or as gifts to friends

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