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He used 18 years of experience in the leasing industry to teach you how to do a good job in equipment investment

he used 18 years of experience in the leasing industry to teach you how to do a good job in equipment investment

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"you should repay others' trust in you with great gratitude," Wu Guangmin used his simple concept of life to win everyone's recognition and affirmation of him, and because the concept is suitable, in February 2017, He was lucky to become the customer of Sany and the spokesman of Sany full hydraulic roller

"direct selling" makes the price of Sany roller close to the people, and grounding gas

"Sany's service is well-known. There are many engineering friends around, who bought Sany's pump truck and excavator." Wu Guangmin often heard friends talk about Sany's equipment and services, "Sany's service is really good, and it really achieves the ultimate service."

because of this, Wu Guangmin was deeply impressed by SANY. According to him, he was very "fond" of Sany's equipment

"Sany road machinery has not been considered. The main reason is that Sany road machinery is mainly faced with medium and large enterprises, and the price is relatively high. For example, other domestic brands may only cost more than 300000, but Sany may cost more than 400000, and few of them face us."

Wu Guangmin believes that the "factory direct selling" launched by SANY is very grounded and the price is very close to the people. He joked that "Sany used to be a high cooling type, which is a little unattainable. Now Sany has changed its sales mode." factory direct selling "gives us the opportunity to contact the first-line brand of full hydraulic pressure, and we can also" climb to the top "

▲ Wu Guangmin went to Sany Changsha Industrial Park to test drive Sany full hydraulic roller

the "xiangbobo" of Beijing pavement project

due to the particularly serious haze, now Beijing's equipment should adopt the emission of national three standards. Now Sany full hydraulic roller can be called "xiangbobo" here, "Because there are time limits for engineering projects, with this emission standard equipment, the construction party is willing to rent yours. Without him, he will be very happy to find someone else."

"this device also makes me a" public figure "in my circle of friends. People often ask me how about Sany's roller," Wu Guangmin always tells them frankly, "the best choice"

at the same time, he believes that the increase in the attention of Sany full hydraulic roller is also partly due to the great investment in traffic construction during the "13th five year plan" period. Everyone also wants to take advantage of this good opportunity to make more money

"at present, our company's 18 equipment are ready to be updated to the national three standards, and sany equipment will be our main consideration." Wu Guangmin said that he has become a big fan of Sany

▲ Sany full hydraulic roller purchased by Wu Guangmin is participating in Beijing road construction

▲ strict construction requirements, Sany full hydraulic roller can also easily control

"there is word-of-mouth, naturally not afraid of not working"

when asked "are you worried, will the increased equipment investment fail to receive work, and the funds cannot be returned", Wu Guangmin confidently told us that in this industry, "word-of-mouth" is very important, When the equipment arrives at the construction site, it works better than other equipment. The pressing effect is higher than the requirements of the construction party. The time it takes is less than the requirements of the construction party. Naturally, others like to use your equipment

▲ "simple and convenient operation, very comfortable to drive" said the operator

"if someone in this circle says hello, naturally 10 people will know. Now this equipment can be rented/shift according to the shift system, and the average monthly income is about 20000." According to the survey, this price is a good income in the suburbs of Beijing

▲ Sany full hydraulic roller started without trace, and the reversing "0" time waiting

there was no background and no capital accumulation. With his own courage to think and work, Wu Guangmin broke into his own world in this industry and established his own leasing company - Beijing Youxiang Aimin engineering machinery leasing company

Wu Guangmin has accumulated rich experience in the leasing industry for 18 years. He believes that it is very important to choose the right equipment. The high and low rate of equipment efficiency to promote Dongqing to become a provider of product technical solutions, the full-scale assessment of fuel-efficient imperfect materials, the performance evaluation under the service environment and the use of supporting conditions such as demonstration lines to build fuel-efficient and after-sales services directly affect whether you can rent the equipment, Good equipment will win at the starting line; Secondly, your attitude should be right. You can't just do things for the sake of "making money". First of all, you should put things first and do things well. "Money" naturally comes

in these 18 years, no matter how the surrounding changes, Wu Guangmin has always adhered to the concept of "learn to be a man in advance", based on honesty, charity, and kindness. His practical actions also show that "it can adapt to different despicable weather and has better stain resistance than traditional [wpc] Composites, and can go further alone"

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