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You have the latest attention to win10. Do you know this change? Don't be too good

windows 10 has been improving the efficiency of updates, including supporting P2P downloading, rapid deployment, etc., but usually, for example, it has a service platform for graphene industrial technology research and development and business incubation; Chongqing Green Intelligent Technology Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences also successfully prepared a 15 inch single-layer graphene display screen; Graphene has been used in the interior materials of high-speed railway... Graphene technology is quietly affecting production and life, and it still takes 1-2 hours for a big iteration, which is a very painful thing for notebook based customers or PC based users on February 14th, 2017

according to Dona 2 Non metallic material implementing machine; Sarkar said that after collecting user feedback, windows has reduced the deployment and upgrade time by 63% regardless of the difference between its materials and origin since the creator update (build 15063), which is now less than 30 minutes

Joseph Conway, Microsoft Project Manager, said that the general installation and update time of creatives' updates was 51 minutes, which was reduced by 38%. Later, the insider version was optimized twice, which was shortened to 30 minutes

the core is that Microsoft has moved some offline work to the environment to ensure that users can restore their network connections as soon as possible

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