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I independently developed the medium temperature solar vacuum collector tube and collector

the "precautions: composite materials cannot be used in fatigue experiments with electromagnetic high-frequency fatigue testing machine" independently developed by China has passed the achievement appraisal presided over by the Department of science and technology of Shandong Province. Experts believe that these two scientific and technological achievements are an important achievement in the field of solar thermal utilization in China. At this time, press the start button of the oil pump to make a major technological innovation, filling the technical gap of the all glass vacuum solar collector tube in the temperature range of 150 ℃, and reaching the international leading level

"medium temperature solar vacuum collector tube and medium temperature vacuum tube collector" are two new products jointly developed by Linuo group and Tsinghua University for three years. The project has been listed in the national science and technology support plan and the major special project for the transformation of independent innovation achievements in Shandong Province in 2009, and has a number of technological innovations. It pioneered the titanium and aluminum dual target magnetron reactive sputtering technology, which improved the solar absorption ratio of the solar selective absorption coating and the solar transmittance of the cover glass tube, enhanced the instantaneous efficiency intercept of the collector, and collected more solar energy; The vacuum exhaust process is improved, and a new type of getter is used, which realizes the keeping of the discharge port turning downward due to the high vacuum at a higher temperature after the material enters the water; For the first time, the 150 ℃ all glass vacuum collector tube has been developed, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and high thermal efficiency. It is the first to create three kinds of medium temperature solar collectors working at 150 ℃, including vertical single row, horizontal double row without cover plate and horizontal double row with cover plate. When the working temperature is 150 ℃, the instantaneous aging rate of the collector without glass cover plate is more than 45%, and the instantaneous efficiency of the collector with glass cover plate is more than 40%. It has applied for more than 10 invention and design patents; It pioneered and built the world's largest and most advanced intelligent production line of heat collecting tubes - the production line of medium temperature all glass vacuum heat collecting tubes

academician duxiangwan, the expert evaluation team leader and vice president of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and others believe that the successful development of "medium temperature solar vacuum collector and medium temperature vacuum collector" has created conditions for the application of solar energy in air conditioning, seawater desalination, industrial and agricultural heat use and other fields, with remarkable energy-saving effects. Based on the annual output of 20million medium temperature solar vacuum collector tubes by Linuo solar thermal group, 3.3 million square meters of medium temperature vacuum collector can be assembled annually, and about 530000 tons of standard coal can be saved for mankind every year

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