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After six months of intensive exhibition work, we finally saw the dawn of victory. The Shenzhen tape protective film, optical film and die cutting exhibition will be fully dressed and set sail in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on May. The three pavilions and more than 500 exhibitions have obvious ecological and social benefits. Merchants will bring new products to this grand event. The pre registered professional audience has reached more than 20000 person times. Tens of thousands of professional audiences will gather at the grand event of No1 in the die cutting industry

with the purpose of wholeheartedly finding buyers for manufacturers and manufacturers for buyers, our exhibition recruitment work will come to an end, and more than 800 booths have been filled. Of course, we have never stopped looking for buyers for manufacturers. A large number of SMS, fax, e-mail, one-on-one invitations, and the cooperation of dozens of professional media stations and magazines. These actions have never stopped since our Shenzhen exhibition was launched in November. 12 professional promotion elites follow the purpose of the company and constantly find professional buyers for manufacturers

the closer we are to the exhibition, the greater our workload. In the last half month, in order to strengthen the publicity of the exhibition, we contacted all customers in the industry once, and then 7 Bearing sent the exhibition tickets to customers in the form of letters, with a total amount of more than 30000 tickets of about 70000. In order to catch up with such a large number of letters, not only our promotion department, but also all our family members in our business department worked day and night, working overtime until 10:30 every night, and the one and a half hour break in the afternoon was not spared to continue working. Pay and return are in direct proportion. How many enterprises can do their best as we do? China's plastic extruder market has made great progress and breakthroughs in finding buyers for customers? I believe that coming to our exhibition will be your best choice. Coming to our exhibition will bring you a full face. Coming to our exhibition will have wonderful things you can't miss

on May, 2013, let's meet at the grand banquet of die cutting industry in Shenzhen

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