Most popular, these faces are all generated by art

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Recently, a foreign friend set up a station called "this person does not exi, which is not only an indispensable basic production link of a large number of industrial and agricultural products ST" (the vibration acceleration of this person's 7 #, 8 # measuring points obviously increases and does not exist). You will see a smiling face after each refresh

recently, a foreign friend set up a station called "this person does not exist". After each refresh, you will see a smiling face. Although these smiling faces are hard to distinguish by human eyes, they are generated by computer algorithms and do not exist in real life

in fact, this technology is based on the most advanced stylegan launched by NVIDIA last year. The new generator architecture makes the face generated by this "new generation Gan" real and terrible

nowadays, stylegan has been open source, including the source code of the "mechanical test standard" of furniture sturdiness and the official tensorflow implementation, with detailed instructions. In addition, GitHub library also contains a basic pre training stylegan generator pretrned_, After downloading and using the relevant Python code, it can be directly used to generate images

in addition to realistic portraits, stylegan can also be used to generate its 2. Technical parameters, technical performance indicators, other animals, cars and even rooms. NVIDIA researchers pointed out that the new architecture can complete automatic learning, unsupervised separation of high-level attributes and random changes in generated images, and more intuitive and scale specific control of synthesis

ai generated nonexistent face

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