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This is a more intractable area than chips! Once the supply is "cut off", many industries will be shut down

this is a more thorny choke field than chips! Once the supply is "cut off", many industries will be shut down. Instrumentation is the source of the deep integration of informatization and industrialization. The development of energy, raw materials, transportation, agriculture, machinery, electronics, light textile, construction, medicine, health, national defense, environmental protection and scientific research industries cannot be separated from the support of instrumentation. It can be said that instrumentation covers all fields of the national economy and modern national defense

many people only know that Chinese chips are controlled by others, but they do not know that the scientific research of instruments and meters is more difficult than chips, but there is no Chinese enterprise in the top 20 enterprises in the world

China's instrument industry is stuck.

the scale of domestic instrument industry exceeds 800 billion. China has become one of the countries with the largest scale of international instrument industry, and also the country with the largest scale of instrument industry and the most complete product varieties. However, there are still some problems in China's instrument industry, such as the obvious gap between the stability and reliability of domestic products and foreign products, the lack of independent innovation ability, low concentration, unreasonable enterprise structure and so on, resulting in China's high-end instrument industry relying heavily on imports

Thermo Fisher Scientific of the United States is an aircraft carrier head enterprise in the global instrument industry. Semefi's predecessor was 19. Two documents stipulated different standards for exterior wall insulation materials. For 56 years, thermoelectric company transferred plastic to melt and extrude it. Over the years, it has become a leader in the field of instruments. It has more than 100 brands under its name, including laboratory equipment, analytical instruments, software, reagents, etc., and has performed well in the fields of drug analysis, food safety, cell research and analysis, environmental monitoring, etc. China's food safety monitoring center, National Laboratory, environmental monitoring and other departments are relying on the equipment provided by semefi to work

after experiencing the problems of Huawei and SMIC, we have fully realized the seriousness of the problem and finally understood that we must change from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country. A series of technologies such as chips, aeroengines, new materials, instruments and meters must be solved, otherwise we will be easily controlled by others

the 14th five year plan reshapes the competitiveness of China's supply chain

2021 is the first year of the 14th five year plan. After the ups and downs of competition in 2020, how should the instrumentation industry take the first step of the 14th five year plan and where should the industry go

suggestions for the 14th five year plan:

first, we should give full play to the supporting and leading role of science and technology in the development of the industry

second, improve the quality of industrial products as the core work

third, adapt to the digital transformation in time, find the right positioning and seek business opportunities for the new model of industrial interconnection development

fourth, maintain the bottom line thinking of the basic guarantee ability of the industry and the level of the industrial chain

software can be customized

fifth, clarify the key content of product development and technology development according to the actual and needs of industry development

sixth, industry enterprises accurately position and focus on development. Encourage to tap the depth of services and strengthen the user experience

China's automobile, machine tool, instrument and other industries should be prepared for supply interruption, find supply chain alternatives as soon as possible, sort out supply chain breakpoints, and ensure that the industrial chain is stable and controllable. At the same time, strengthen international cooperation to ensure the normal operation of the industrial chain and supply chain. As the core of the manufacturing industry, the CNC machine tool and instrument industry is also developing and reconstructing in the direction of intelligence, refinement, automation and digitalization, which is an important opportunity to reshape the competitiveness of China's supply chain

localization substitution has become a general trend, which will give domestic machine tool manufacturers more market opportunities, so the good products of domestic secondary technical school, fine, special and new enterprises will be able to seize the opportunity and usher in a round of development

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