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Colmorgan: more and more Chinese enterprises use direct drive in machinery production

with the industrial upgrading of China's machinery manufacturing industry, China's motion control has developed rapidly in the past five years, and more and more machinery manufacturers realize that servo products are of great help to improve their production efficiency and product competitiveness. In recent years, most domestic mechanical transmission and variable frequency transmission have gradually turned to servo control. At present, more than 60% of domestic servo control is pulse control, and only the middle and high-end are all digital network control. As servo products are technology intensive products, most domestic customers largely rely on the solutions of suppliers, including design, model selection, commissioning, etc. Most foreign customers have their own technical strength and can complete most of the work independently. It is believed that with the further application of servo products, Chinese customers will gradually master more technical development strength and put forward higher requirements for suppliers

colmorgan is a leading motion control supplier in the industry, headquartered in the United States, with performance across the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific. As a company with servo products as its main business, colmorgan products range from traditional rotary motors to direct drive motors, linear motors, and motion control networks. Especially for direct drive products, we are the first company to put forward the concept of direct drive. We have a good reputation in the industry and have been leading the development of the motion control industry. With the development of our business in China, our volume accounts for 30% of the total amount of urban domestic waste (4) 0%. We are glad to see that more and more Chinese enterprises begin to gradually accept the concept of direct drive and gradually apply it to their mechanical production

more and more customers hope that suppliers can provide overall solutions, which generally include HMI, motion controller, driver, motor and other actuators. Most domestic customers rely on motion control providers or system integrators to a large extent. How to choose a motion control system depends on the requirements of the customer's equipment for motion response speed, accuracy, and scalability. For example, the response speed and accuracy of horizontal pillow packaging machine for network only need 500K ~ 1m digital network, such as can sync. However, for the high-speed ring marking machine in the mineral water filling industry, a faster t is required, and a temporary ground wire P response is added to the tested cable. The scanning cycle is shorter, the positioning accuracy is higher, and the network bandwidth needs to be more than 12m

due to the ever-changing models of customers, and at the same time, more and more customers require their machines to be different, how to adjust and optimize the solution is also an important problem that customers care about:

provide customized products, including customized drive firmware and computers, to meet the special applications of customers

provide customer optimization solutions in appropriate products, such as appropriate digital networks

in some high-precision applications, direct drive products are provided to meet customers' higher precision requirements

in order to better meet the needs of users, Kerr Morgan has launched kbmtm series frameless brushless motor. This is a brand-new frameless motor series, derived from the mature and extensive design portfolio of colmorgan. KBM frameless brushless motor has 14 sizes, which can be used for low-voltage or high-voltage operation. It provides the required 3 calculated density torque, power and speed. The packaging is economical and the structure is compact, which provides great flexibility for the system designer, so that the motor can meet the specific performance and size requirements of the application without high engineering design costs and other costs. For OEMs who need to design highly optimized and tightly integrated machinery and equipment, they will find KBM motor an excellent choice, because this kind of motor has a unique design, adopts strong direct coupling electromagnetism, is light in weight and compact in size, which can improve mechanical compliance, reduce the number of parts and improve performance

the standard size range of KBM frameless brushless motor is 60 ~ 825mm in diameter, which is suitable for 240VAC or 480vac applications. If the customer requires, additional motor windings can also be provided to optimize the low-voltage operating performance. These motors have an impressive maximum speed from 105 to 18600 R/min at rated power

kbm frameless brushless motor has excellent design and performance parameters. It is very attractive for many application fields such as medical treatment, metal processing and cutting, aerospace and national defense, as well as oil and gas equipment, which need highly optimized and closely integrated motor solutions. These motors are also very suitable for semiconductor and electronic assembly, renewable energy and automotive electrification

kJ ⑴ 066 universal tensile testing machine should be selected for those with large sample volume and large tensile force. In terms of software, the motioneering software unique to colmorgan is convenient for customer engineers to make model selection records, and also provides corresponding debugging software. It integrates bode analysis and self-tuning functions, which is very convenient for debugging. In terms of service, whether debugging, maintenance or product customization, Coleman emphasizes local service and can quickly respond to customer requirements

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