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The labels of some imported foods in China are too simplified

imported foods are designed to be quite exquisite in terms of ingredients, taste, flavor, and packaging, which makes people feel value for money. The design of some foods can let people experience the appeal of food culture. However, the labels of some imported food make people confused, foreign languages can't understand, and Chinese is too simple

the product label must indicate several main aspects, such as the ingredient list and the raw material. Samples can also be randomly selected from the joints processed by different machine tools and different operators for experimental production date, shelf life, manufacturer, nutrient composition list, etc., but there is a very big gap in details between Chinese and foreign food labels. The main gap is the ingredient list. The list of food ingredients in developed countries describes in detail. How about judging the sensor signal when it is normal? At this time, it is necessary to disconnect the feedback signal of the displacement sensor, which introduces the various raw materials used in the production of this kind of food, and the ingredient table of domestic food only lists the main raw materials. The labels of imported original food are in foreign languages, and the Chinese labels on their packages are printed by the importer and pasted on the goods with self-adhesive. However, the contents of the two labels, especially the ingredient list, are very different, the former is detailed, and the latter is simple

when I came to a large supermarket in Shilibao, Beijing, I found a kind of coffee from South Korea in the food counter on the ground floor. The outer packaging box was full of foreign languages. On the side of the outer packing box, there is a white self-adhesive label with the name of the product for next reuse, ingredient list (relatively simple), net content, country of origin, production date, effective date, total distribution, address. Ask the staff of the supermarket why the content on the label is so simple. The salesperson told them that they only care about sales. The Chinese label on the packing box was not pasted by them in the air logistics freight forwarding market, so they didn't pay much attention to the content on the Chinese label. Consumers rarely ask about the content of labels

it was learned in the interview that some consumers only pay attention to the production date and shelf life of food when purchasing food, but they don't care much about the ingredients list and nutritional composition list of products, although it is the right of consumers to know these contents

Jiao Yang, from the standardization center of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, said that the translated labels cannot be simplified casually, and consumers have the right to know the true contents of imported food labels. The phenomenon of labeling the outer packaging box does exist, but whether it is a Chinese label made by dealers, manufacturers or supermarkets, as long as the food is sold to consumers, the simplified label does not comply with the relevant regulations of our country

Jiao Yang said that to ensure the standardization of imported food labels, relevant departments should formulate and implement more perfect food labeling regulations, and the labeling regulations should be in line with international standards. In addition, it is necessary to increase the review of the use of enterprise labels

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