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We exclusively provide: a complete set of solutions for printing substrate and printing surface detection

in the packaging industry, especially for coil product manufacturers, if we can find a complete set of solution providers with perfect industry technology, things will become easier: because one-stop services usually cost less

isra vision's mission is to create a complete and practical product portfolio with the most advanced quality and process management solutions, providing one-stop professional services for surface and printing inspection applications. This product combination is applicable to the detection of substrate before printing or printing, post gloss, coating, lamination, etc., and contains complete data and process management system

from extrusion to printing, the whole production line must ensure high quality, and the source of defects should be found in time and react quickly. The surface detection technology with industrial image processing function provides traceable test results, which are not affected by the events of the day. Isra vision offers the world's most complete portfolio of optical inspection solutions. Its products include 100% detection systems for all non printing substrates and printing materials, such as flexible packaging, plastic films, films, nonwovens, paper, cardboard, metals, folding boxes, labels, RFID batteries, printed circuits, and organic photovoltaic products. This highly flexible product portfolio makes one-stop service a reality. The previously unknown new method has now become a reality, which can help coil product manufacturers save costs

smash surface helps customers win the market competition today and tomorrow. The detection system can be used in all processes. For example, defects in the substrate can be reliably detected during extrusion or plating. Manufacturers can react quickly when various problems occur, thus avoiding the waste of valuable materials. Holes, stains and other defects of plastic film or other defects that affect its permeability can also be detected. In order to achieve the highest quality, all typical defects of paper, film or metal need to be detected in the process of coating and painting. These defects can be reliably detected, classified and recorded, and quality specifications can be established according to defect statistics, volume records and defect images

the detection system can be deployed in different processes of the production process of coil and sheet products, and can be associated. This can ensure that only flawless objects can enter the next process after each process, thereby further saving materials and time. Since the system is built from high-quality modular components that have been verified, it can be flexibly customized according to the needs of customers. The unique real-time response ability, robustness and reliability determine the high error tolerance and excellent performance of the system. The high-quality information obtained by the system directly promotes the optimization of production process and cost saving. Therefore, manufacturers can not only obtain products that are 100% defect free and have the best surface quality, but also systematically improve and optimize the production process

printstar intelligent printing detection solution is very helpful to ensure the correct printing operation in the printing industry and reduce production costs. Printstar tape if you print out a cup with PLA, there are a number of scalable cameras, which can be combined by many small and medium-sized manufacturers due to environmental pressure and resolution requirements according to the sheet speed. By adopting the golden master principle, the whole production process can be tested. Printing inspection can also be directly related to defect detection on the substrate surface

the efficient detection module can provide customized solutions according to the personalized needs of each customer, with the accuracy of 5 kg; Pb is 121-160 kg. Operators can monitor and ensure color consistency throughout the printing operation. Monitor material shrinkage and coil tension, and continuously check the relevant parameters of the printing press and materials. In addition, the verification module can check the current printing work by comparing it with the customer template or the template that ensures the quality in the value-added post-processing process (such as embossing, polishing or plating)

isra vision endows manufacturers with competitive advantages and innovation capabilities with standard solutions: Isra vision's system has thousands of users worldwide, making it the world's largest supplier of 100% technical surface detection systems. Isra's complete solution ensures the improvement and sustainability of quality in the whole production line from detection to process optimization, which benefits manufacturers infinitely. Its outstanding achievements are reflected in the reduction of production costs, the maximization of profits and considerable future development prospects

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