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Why doesn't the owner of the machinery factory pay you three salaries when you have done three jobs by yourself

why doesn't the owner of the machinery factory pay you three salaries when you have done the work of three people alone

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original title: why didn't the owner of the machinery factory pay you three salaries when you did the work of three people alone

a farmer planted a field of watermelons, bought improved varieties, and was diligent in fertilizing. Watermelons grew well. According to the market price, about 10000 yuan can be sold back. However, the unexpected weather and hail all night made the farmers' carefully planted hope clearly show and distinguish various forms of abrasive particles, such as flakes, spirals, rolls, curves, balls and scales, hoping to beat them into a watermelon soup. After crying loudly, the farmers found that another watermelon survived because it hid under a stone. So he took good care of the watermelon until it matured. The farmer came to the market with the only watermelon left

excuse me:

his watermelon has created a lot in mechanism, system and scientific and technological innovation. No. 1: how much is it suitable to sell

can it sell for 10000? Who said yes? Or sell it to you

the reality is:

people sell watermelons for two yuan a kilo, and his watermelon can only sell for two yuan a kilo

the facts are cruel but cannot be changed

the reason is so simple. If you have no result, the boss will not pay for your hard work

let's share a common working method of professional managers: PDCA cycle, which is a working thinking that everyone in the workplace should learn

plan - plan

there is no thorough plan for the goal, and it is only a delusion to want a good result

some people say that "the plan does not change fast", but the change without a plan is more terrible

do action

a person's fate will not change because of how much you plan,

will only change because of how much you do

there is a long way between saying and doing

check - check

employees will not do what you want, they will only do what you check

there is no process monitoring. You will only find that it is against the wrong wall when you climb to the top of the standard ladder that should pay attention to the use of electronic universal testing machine

the more you trust, the more you check. Checking has nothing to do with trust

action - deal with

reward and maintain, but not punish and improve

continuous improvement is not empty talk, so can PDCA cycle

employees grow melons and bosses buy melons

the boss who pays without seeing melon will sooner or later kill the enterprise, and then he and his employees will lose their jobs

only enterprises that are as fixated on the results as cheetahs are enterprises with executive power

only in this way, the system and process will not be extravagant

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