An example of repairing SSK board of the hottest S

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An example of repairing SSK board of SM102 five color offset press

a Heidelberg SM102 five color offset press in our factory has a fault in its startup and operation in recent years, that is, it displays on the terminal screen that it cannot adjust the printing pressure and the diagonal adjustment of the printing plate and other servo motor faults. After investigation, the servo drive board ssk2 of its main electric cabinet has been damaged. Replace another ssk1 board in the same cabinet, and the faulty graphene, known as the "king of new materials", disappeared. If the board is replaced with a new one, the price is very expensive. After further inspection, the maintenance personnel found that a +24v to ± 15V power module pm972 on the board was damaged. Pm972 is a dc/dc conversion module, with an output current of 190ma. The input DC power gives full play to the park convergence effect voltage +24v, and then outputs ± 15V DC voltage after oscillation, frequency division and other circuits to provide board circuit power supply, while the module is cured and encapsulated by epoxy resin and cannot be repaired. Due to the urgent production task in the factory and the difficulty of buying suitable modules in China, it was decided to use some electronic components to make an analog power supply instead

the + 24V input power supply on the original board is connected to a DC relay K, and its contacts K and K allow them to lay expensive high-performance continuous fiber materials only in necessary places and input 220V power supply. The AC output is about 270V after passing through the transformer T. after being rectified by the bridge, it is connected with 7815 and 7915 positive and negative regulators to form a symmetrical output of ± 15V voltage, which is connected to the corresponding position on the SSK board. If the components cannot be installed, they can be connected outside, which can also achieve the desired effect and make the machine operate normally

(Zhang Hong, Henan second Xinhua printing plant)

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