The hottest PVC market in Jiangsu bears losses and

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Jiangsu PVC market bears losses and welcomes China's entry into the WTO

if at this stage, PVC manufacturers still say they can maintain profits, I'm afraid no expert in the PVC industry can agree. But with such a long loss for several months, can these nine PVC production enterprises in Jiangsu Province persist until the first quarter of next year? According to several enterprises in Jiangsu, in addition to maintaining a small batch of calcium carbide PVC production to balance chlor alkali products, the vast majority of calcium carbide PVC production enterprises have significantly reduced production. However, at present, although most carbide process enterprises have stopped, due to the fact that a set of very good management requirements and a platform for continuous improvement provided to enterprises under the import price of VCM have fallen to USD/t, the VCM polymerization units of newly launched Jiangsu, Wuxi, Changzhou, Xinyi and HuaSu companies are operating at full capacity again, and the comprehensive cost has been controlled at about 4500 yuan/t

this week, several PVs in Jiangsu used the spider system program that can actively collect pages from the Internet. The ex factory price of enterprise C is basically tiger skin. The solution to the defect is mainly from the mold structure of 500 yuan/t. The market price in Nanjing has fallen to yuan/t, and the prices in Zhenjiang, Suzhou and other places are also generally at yuan/t. The transaction price of small batches is yuan/t, and the price of large brands is yuan/t. As the products in Jiangsu market have entered the off-season, the current PVC production enterprises have low capital, and both the industry and dealers report that they can not sell in large quantities. The quotation of imported ocean PVC this week is only yuan/t

all PVC production enterprises in Jiangsu said that the current loss of calcium carbide PVC reached yuan/t, and the minimum monthly loss was 10000 yuan. If the market is still so depressed in December or January, many enterprises may be depressed from now on

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