The hottest PVC market in South China continued to

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The PVC market in South China continued to decline

the National Day holiday is approaching. In order to reverse the process as soon as possible, the agents and dealers of resin factories have accelerated their sales to varying degrees, and taken measures to sell their inventory as soon as possible. Today, the South China market finally can't stop the internal and external attacks. As a result, the requirements for system stiffness are not high, and the price of resin powder is adjusted well, the price of resin powder is announced to fall. Domestic resin spot imported ball screws exert experimental force, and the sales are not smooth, and the selling price is lower one by one. Although the import cost of imported resin in the early stage is more than 6000 yuan/ton, due to the significant decline in the recent international offers of PVC, EDC and VCM, the inventory source has brought losses, and the storage of goods has taken up costs, so at present, we have to bear the pain to sell. The market middlemen supply is too concentrated, so we have to sell PVC supply under the condition of effective demand. At present, the market price is RMB yuan/ton for ethylene process, RMB yuan/ton for large calcium carbide process plants, and RMB yuan/ton for small calcium carbide process plants

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