The hottest PVC market is generally stable, and th

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[PVC] the market as a whole is stable, and there may be room for adjustment in the future.

I. brief description of the market

today's PVC market is generally stable, and under the pressure of high costs of traders, low prices have decreased. At present, the downstream demand has not been fully released, and most purchases are made on demand, and most transactions are small orders. Affected by the rotation maintenance of PVC devices of Qilu manufacturers and the low commencement of other ethylene material manufacturers, the supply decreased and the market took the opportunity to increase

II. Overview of the upstream market

on Monday (April 9), the price of light crude oil futures for May delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) fell 85 cents to close at $102.46 a barrel, a decrease of 0.8%, setting the lowest closing price of the main contract since mid February. Crude oil futures prices in New York fell as the US stock market fell and the US non farm payrolls data disappointed. Ningbo will gather five national scientific research institutions in the field of new materials

on Monday, the Asian ethylene Northeast Asia market rose slightly by $1/ton to close at 1361 US $5/fully implement the 2025 tons made in China CFR Northeast Asia, the Southeast Asian market inertia is flat, and the CFR Southeast Asia closed at 1400 5 dollars/ton. The tense situation of spot supply has escalated again. The sellers are reluctant to sell, and most of the offers stick to above 1400 US dollars/ton CFR. However, the buyers are more cautious to wait and see the direction of exploration at the beginning of the week. There are few firm offers, and there is no clear deal heard during the trading day

III. local market conditions

today, the PVC market continues to be weak and stable. Downstream product enterprises have great resistance to high prices, and traders have no choice but to stabilize their prices and negotiate with the market whenever transactions are concluded

the PVC market atmosphere in Guangzhou is acceptable, the low-end transaction is stable, and the price center continues to move up slowly, with wide speed regulation limitations. The mainstream of ordinary type 5 electric stone is self lifting of yuan/ton, and the medium-sized materials such as Zhongtai and Tianchen are reported as self lifting of yuan/ton. Transactions at high prices are ordinary, and the supply of goods in the market is stable

the PVC market atmosphere in Shantou is acceptable, the participants' mentality is stable, the intention to sell goods at low prices is not high, and some prices continue to rise slightly. The performance of ordinary 5 electromagnetic interference is that the force value of electronic universal material testing machine fluctuates very large, and the mainstream of electric stone contains tax yuan/ton

the PVC market in Shanghai operates weakly and stably, and the cost and demand continue to play a game. Merchants mainly ship at stable prices, and the trading atmosphere is general. The mainstream price of type 5 electric stone is RMB/ton

IV. the latest Petrochemical quotation

Formosa Plastics Ningbo PVC plant is basically in full production, with balanced production and sales, and the shipment is acceptable. The quotation of the enterprise will be increased by 50 yuan/ton according to the market, and the S-65, S-70 and S-60 will be sent to East China for 7350 yuan/ton. The transaction can be negotiated

Shaanxi Jintai PVC plant is basically at full capacity and the quotation is stable. The surrounding factory price of type 5 material is 6400 yuan/ton in cash exchange, and the factory price of export is 6350 yuan/ton in cash exchange. The actual transaction can be negotiated

the PVC plant of Shanxi Yangmei coal mine started normally. At present, the ex factory quotation of type 5 calcium carbide is increased by 50 yuan/ton to 6800 yuan/ton for acceptance, and the transaction is negotiable. The recent sales situation is general, and the inventory remains low

v. future forecast

the domestic real estate market is still under strict supervision, and the house price and transaction volume have fallen, resulting in less tight demand for PVC. The spot market is weak and stable as a whole. At present, most ethylene production enterprises limit production and guarantee prices, and the market has opened the prelude to rising. Enterprises also have the intention to increase. However, under the weak economic environment and restricted demand, it is expected that PVC will maintain a volatile adjustment pattern in the near future

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