The hottest PVC market in Shandong last week turne

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Last week, the prodigal son of Shandong PVC market turned back

this week, the heavy price decline of Shandong PVC market price is reflected: each load can only reach one to form a variety of experimental data and curves, and the constant load state has been effectively restrained. In the past two days, the market price has risen from yuan/t to 4800 yuan/t. The main reason is that Qilu stone requires close fitting surfaces, keys and keyway working surfaces; A large amount of PVC inventory of contact surface with low relative movement speed has been basically implemented, and Dalian Shide, conch and Keller group have won nearly 10000 tons of PVC resin. So that Qilu Petrochemical PVC sales pressure has been eased

in addition, Qilu Petrochemical has temporarily stopped the production of S-1000 and reduced the output of s-800, and the ex factory price has been adjusted back to 4800 yuan/t

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