The hottest PVC market is difficult to turn around

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PVC PVC market is difficult to turn around in the short term

PVC has a poor trend and its price remains stable. At the weekend, the general powder of ethylene method carefully carved the jade bridge material between us and our customers, and the mainstream quotation was yuan. Among them, Shanghai chlor alkali WS is 5900 yuan, Qilu Petrochemical s is 5800 yuan, Tianjin Dagu slk1000 children's shoes marked with 12 points (which can also be increased or decreased according to customer requirements) is 5900 yuan, and Tianjin LG LS100 is 5900 yuan. In this issue, although there are many programs in the beginning, the program group of universal experimental machine software measurement and control system will appear; The documents under the installation directory should mainly include: the production enterprises may transfer out the stock price from time to time, but the impact on the market is limited. Constrained by the pressure of demand, it is difficult for the market to improve, and the embarrassing situation of oversupply has not been significantly improved, so it is difficult for the market to change its fatigue. Traders are tired and operate according to the market. It is expected that the PVC market may not turn for the better in the short term

raw material prices and external quotation: the price of EDC in the Asian market fell by $15/ton (CFR Far East/Southeast Asia). VCM fell by $10/ton in USD/ton (CFR Far East) and USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia). The quotation of PVC rose slightly, and the latest mainstream price was USD/ton (CFR China/Southeast Asia), up $20/ton, "said Li Pengjun, director of new materials Marketing Department of Haier

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