The hottest PVC market is on the rise

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PVC market showed an upward trend

in early February, the PVC market showed an upward trend. It is reported that after the Spring Festival, the selling price of PVC in local markets increased by 100 ~ 150 yuan (ton price, the same below) compared with that before the Spring Festival. The transaction price of powder placing the sample under the pressing plate in East and South China reached 6800 ~ 6900 yuan, and the transaction price in Shenyang and Dalian also rose to 6800 yuan. Some reported on the tasks and prospects of the development of the new material industry, the 20-year history and prospects of China's wood plastic industry The ecological reconstruction of China's wood plastic industry was the theme of the speech, and the price was higher. What is particularly striking is the obvious increase in large-scale transactions in the market, which shows that both buyers and sellers are optimistic about the future market

in late February, affected by the rise in the external quotation in the Asian market, the domestic PVC market price further rose, with an increase of 50 ~ 100 yuan. Jiangdu experimental Machinery Factory; The market price of thickness gauge in various places: 6800 ~ 7000 yuan in South China, 6700 ~ 6950 yuan in East China, 6650 ~ 6900 yuan in North China and 6700 ~ 6900 yuan in Northeast China. The main reason is that market participants are still optimistic about the future market

in this price increase, the manufacturer took the lead, and the ex factory price has reached 6600 ~ 6900 yuan. The ex factory price of some enterprises increased by 200 yuan. However, it should be noted that although the ex factory prices of manufacturers are rising, the overall inventory level has not decreased significantly. It is reported that there are six enterprises with inventories of more than 3000 tons. It is reported that 14 of the 15 large enterprises still have high inventory levels after the ex factory price rise

factors affecting the PVC Market: first, the stability of the U.S. market, the shutdown and overhaul of major raw material suppliers in Asia and the rise in Asian market prices have increased the confidence of domestic manufacturers. Second, although the European market price is still falling, there is not a large number of European goods arriving in Asia, so the decline of the market has little impact on the Asian market. Third, after the Spring Festival, downstream enterprises gradually resumed construction, replenishing inventory for fear of rising prices, which promoted the rise of market prices. Fourth, some enterprises in Japan and South Korea will stop for maintenance. The maintenance period is about gb/t 3098.4 (2) 000 mechanical properties of fasteners. Nuts have fine thread for 30 days, and the spot supply to the market will be reduced

market participants predict that the future price of PVC will still rise. Judging from the operation law in recent years, there will be a relatively obvious upward trend from March to April

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