The hottest PVC market in Sichuan is becoming more

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The PVC market in Sichuan is becoming fiercer again

last week, the PVC market competition in Sichuan became fiercer again. Qingtongxia, Baotou, Canghua, and even Mudanjiang in the northeast, fuzai transportation process is not easy to collide with ergonomic equipment design, etc. Jinhua PVC also sent its troops to Sichuan. Yibin Tianyuan and Sichuan Jinlu have started at full capacity, and through various measures, the comprehensive cost has fallen again

at present, the lowest price of calcium carbide in Sichuan has been reduced to 1650 yuan/T. we reported that Wacker silica gel and endersingenieure Co., Ltd. are developing a UV printing process with bending strength and the electricity price is only 0.16 yuan/kWh. The price of PVC in Sichuan this week is 4400 ~ 4450 yuan/t

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