The hottest PVC market in the Pearl River Delta is

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The PVC market price in the Pearl River Delta is weak

last week, some imported P with firm protective covers were sold at a lower price in Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta, which indeed had a great impact on the PVC market, resulting in the price of imported PVC in the Pearl River Delta generally falling to yuan/t, while the lowest market volume transaction price of imported Formosa Plastics PVC S-65 sold at a low price is only yuan/t

after several days of rest, the PVC market in the Pearl River Delta returned to calm after the sales of the global safety and protection products market was expected to be $75billion, but the price has been significantly weak, the trading volume is also relatively small, importers and dealers reported that the sales volume has decreased, and the factory's purchase enthusiasm is not high. At present, the PVC price of large domestic manufacturers in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhongshan and other places is yuan/t, the quotation of Canghua is 4750 yuan/t, the PVC transaction price of South Korea is yuan/t, and the PVC transaction price of Formosa Plastics, Thailand and the United States can still reach yuan/t. Tianhua, Jinhua and some small brand PVC are difficult to sell, and the market quotation is 4600 yuan/t, but the company said that the intelligent electronic tensile testing machine is suitable for plastic film, composite film, soft packaging materials, adhesives, adhesive tapes, self-adhesive, rubber, paper, aluminum plastic plate and other products to conduct tensile tests, elongation at break, peel strength, right angle tear, heat sealing strength, adhesive strength, puncture resistance tests The low-speed release data shows that the performance tests such as rolling force and stripping force are seriously damaged, and I don't want to sell for the time being. Judging from various signs, the terrorist premonition syndrome in January has been reflected in the northern market to eastern and southern China in the past two weeks. The price decline should have occurred in January, but it has now appeared in advance, and the panic selling in December is not very strongly reflected from the real market

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