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Jianglu party building work comprehensively promotes the implementation of the three main lines and six aspects of Jianglu party building work comprehensively promotes the implementation of the three main lines and six aspects of Jianglu party building work

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Guide: in recent years, the party Committee of China ordnance industry group Jianglu Electromechanical group Co., Ltd. has seriously implemented the scientific concept of development and the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress, in accordance with the decision-making and deployment of the Party group and the work objectives proposed by the Party committee of the company, Closely around technological innovation, structural adjustment, lean management three

in recent years, the Party committee of China North Industries Group Jianglu Electromechanical group Co., Ltd. has conscientiously implemented the scientific concept of development and the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress. In accordance with the decision-making and deployment of the Party group of North Industries Group and the work objectives put forward by the Party committee of the company, it has closely focused on the three main lines of "technological innovation, structural adjustment and lean management", giving full play to the political core role and Battle Fortress role of the party organization, Transforming political advantages into enterprise development advantages has laid a solid foundation for the sustainable and stable development of the company. Good achievements have been made in five aspects of Party construction work:

first, integrate into production and operation, and actively create a new situation in Party construction work

(I) actively build a new pattern of deep integration of Party and government work. The party building work actively starts from the aspects of organization, work, position, assessment, etc., finds out the coincidence point with the production and operation center, and clearly adds eight quantitative assessment indicators such as the Party member innovation project and the reduction of blank teams and groups of Party members in the assessment system of the business book, and takes the completion of production and operation tasks as the key indicators of the work assessment of the party organization. At the same time, adhering to the "one post with two responsibilities", the secretary currently serving in the company concurrently serves as the corresponding administrative work while presiding over the work of the party and the masses, and has constructed a new pattern of Party and government integration with "the same goal, the same responsibility, and the same development"

(II) pay close attention to the activities of striving for excellence. Taking the award of national advanced grassroots party organization for excellence as a new starting point, the company formulated and issued the implementation plan for implementing the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress, building a "three type party organization" and 2013 excellence activities, announced 39 annual work priorities of Party building, and guided Party organizations at all levels to carry out activities. Among them, the special vehicle division won the honorary title of the advanced Party branch of the group company at the end of last year; The Party branch of industrial construction machinery company gives full play to the promising position of the party organization of joint-stock companies, presenting new highlights of Party construction work. At the same time, the company continued to carry out the "Party member innovation project" in 24 sub Party committees and Party branches directly under the company, identified 74 key projects, and the number of Party members involved reached more than 1100, with a coverage rate of 100%. Liuwenxi, the leader of key skills at the group level, and buweiwei, a technical expert in Hunan Province. 1. For general metal and non-metal samples, the jaws of the fixture are in direct contact with the samples, and liuxiangwen, the leader of the first class of sheet metal, and other outstanding Party members, give full play to the role of vanguard and model in the "Party member innovation project" and show the excellent demeanor of Party members

(III) closely carry out public opinion publicity. Give full play to the role of TV stations, radio, newspapers, publicity windows and other media, and actively carry out publicity around the main tasks of scientific and technological innovation, structural adjustment, lean management and so on. In the past year, more than 10000 manuscripts have been published inside and outside the company, creating a good atmosphere for production and business activities. At the same time, in the face of heavy production tasks, forging companies, non-ferrous casting division, precision casting division and other units, in accordance with the requirements of "3210", made early deployment, early planning, early mobilization and early momentum, effectively created a war atmosphere and promoted production progress

(IV) actively organize labor competitions and skill competitions to promote the completion of production tasks. Focusing on cost reduction and efficiency increase, quality improvement, safety production, management innovation and other contents, the labor competition of "comparing production progress, scientific research, management excellence and service excellence" was carried out, which greatly stimulated the initiative of employees and promoted the completion of production tasks. The nonferrous casting division carried out the "three three" activities, that is, striving to create three five-star teams, achieving an annual profit of 3million yuan, and completing three party member innovation projects; The heavy industry technology company has set up competition projects such as "regional sales champion team" and "after-sales service star" to carry out various forms of competition activities. In recent years, with the increase of the company's efforts to introduce talents, the technology system has added a lot of fresh blood, and the proportion of the post-80s and post-90s has continuously increased. Through the competition to be the "pioneer of scientific and technological quality", young Party members such as ye Luhui, Luo Hui and Dong Debao have grown into scientific and technological backbones, releasing strong positive energy and creating a common "riverside dream"

II. Strengthen the construction of the leading cadre team, and significantly improve the overall quality

(I) earnestly pay attention to the study of the central group of the two-level Party committees, and strengthen ideological arming. Since this year, the two-level Party committee central group of the company has organized collective learning for 4 times, compiled and distributed 12 learning materials, and always adhered to the "Four Haves" system, focusing on the "spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress, changing the work style, and the spirit of the group company's work conference". First, the study is planned and arranged; second, the study is implemented; third, the study has assessment requirements; fourth, the study has topics and the center spokesperson, so as to truly make the study plan, content, focus and effect

(II) vigorously implement the talent training project around the construction of learning party organizations. Through the integration of educational resources, Jianglu held the first MBA (Business Administration) Master's training class with the Business School of Central South University, which implemented professional and systematic training for leading cadres, and gradually improved the management ability of leading cadres. Gradually improve the long-term mechanism of "leading cadres on the podium", and include leading cadres on the podium in the dimension of annual assessment and evaluation. The leaders of the third branch, information center, wind energy company, armed security department and other units gave lectures to employees on their work, talked about management, dispelled doubts, and put forward requirements, and achieved good results. In 2012, the company held 215 training courses and trained more than 7000 people. Among them, the precision machining parts machining Party branch trained 5 technical talents with "one specialty and multiple abilities", and won the first place in the provincial skill competition in CNC lathe and milling, the second place in the national CNC lathe and the tenth place in CNC milling

(III) standardize the operation of power and strengthen the management and supervision of leading cadres. Organize and implement the system of "report on major personal matters of leading cadres", strengthen the prevention and control of integrity risks, and standardize the operation of power. The third branch took the lead in setting up a factory director's mailbox at the gate of the branch to widely accept the supervision of the masses and promote the publicity system. Revise and issue the management measures for performance evaluation and salary accounting of middle-level leading cadres to form a linkage mechanism between performance appraisal and salary incentive from a lean perspective. Carry out annual and semi annual assessment and evaluation, and through multi-dimensional assessment with different weights, it is beneficial to improve the ability of leading cadres to perform their duties

(IV) consolidate the organizational foundation and implement organizational standard management. In accordance with the requirements of "controlling the total amount, optimizing the structure, improving quality and playing a role", the work process of Party member development was standardized, and a total of 63 party members were recruited throughout the year. Carry out democratic appraisal of Party members, and gradually implement it through four stages: mobilization and preparation, education and self-examination, democratic appraisal, and disposal of unqualified party members, so as to continuously improve the organizational cohesion. The "manual on the standardized construction of Party branches" was issued to form a "chess game" for the construction of Party branches and improve the standardization level of Party branch construction

III. pay close attention to lean management and continuously improve the basic management level

(I) refine and improve lean management methods and systems. The lean working group of each unit was established, and the system that the chief executive of the unit took the overall responsibility and the Secretary of the unit paid special attention to was clarified. A number of rules and regulations such as lean management inspection and assessment methods have been formulated and improved, and the institutionalization and standardization of lean management have been gradually promoted

(II) further promote specific practical activities of lean management. Insist on holding on-site production meetings to promote the continuous improvement of lean management in all units. Actively carry out the work of putting forward rationalization suggestions. By the end of May, the company had collected 8610 rationalization suggestions, with a 71% employee participation rate, 2515 effective suggestions, an effective rate of 36%, and 0.58 effective proposals per capita, saving 670000 yuan. The financial accounting Party branch of the organ shall wipe the oil escaping around the oil seat with a cloth; Through the implementation of the "Trinity" model of refined budget, rationalized resource management and control, and standardized cost management, the Department saved more than 42 million yuan in financial expenses for the company throughout the year. At the same time, the lean improvement project has been extended to non demonstration areas. For example, the wind energy company has carried out the construction project of the lean production line of stud bolts and crawler pins, and the precision machining division has continued to improve the logistics system of the production line and the preparation of standard operation research and operation instructions for similar products on the basis of the construction of the U-shaped production line of clutch cylinder liners in 2012; This year, the production line of shaft parts is planned

(III) strengthen team management. With the "five good and one accurate" excellent team building activities as the main line, we will carry out in-depth "quality and safety trustworthy" star class team building activities. By the end of May, there were 15 "four-star" teams, 58 "three-star" teams and 171 "two-star" teams in the company's 351 teams, and all teams showed a good trend of catching up with each other

IV. solidly promote the construction of a clean and honest government and efficiency supervision, and gradually standardize the system construction.

(I) effectively build a working system for the construction of a clean and honest government. Further quantify the objectives of building a clean and honest government, and clarify the assessment indicators, indicator definitions, assessment cycle, assessment value, assessment methods and assessment units. Gradually implement the division of tasks for the construction of party conduct and the fight against corruption, gradually decompose from the aspects of strict discipline and improving work style, and clarify the units. Strengthen the inspection and assessment of the "eight provisions" of the central government, the "23 measures" of the group company and the "15 provisions" of the company to ensure that the provisions are implemented

(II) effectively strengthen the education of Party discipline, party rules, laws and regulations and various rules and regulations. In the form of a special lecture on "Honest Employment and prevention of job-related crimes" and a visit to the prison police education base, the theme education month activity of "keeping the purpose in mind and honest employment" was carried out to enhance the awareness of Honest Employment of leading cadres. We have collected and compiled a clean practice manual, which covers clean practice, finance, bidding, etc., to effectively guide the work of building a clean and honest government

(III) effectively promote efficiency supervision. Taking production and operation as the starting point, we actively carried out efficiency supervision, and successively launched six efficiency supervision works, including the use and management of water and electricity, the disposal of waste materials, and the restoration of ERP system. We focused on the special inspection of the implementation of the rectification suggestions put forward by the material procurement efficiency supervision of the reloading company, and realized closed-loop management. We strengthened the management of bid invitation and negotiation, revised and improved many systems, such as the measures for material management and the measures for the management of bulk material bidding and procurement

v. adhere to people-oriented and actively build a Harmonious Co construction situation

(I) the people's livelihood project is advancing steadily. In 2012, the company helped 367 employees through platforms such as "help and assistance" and "golden autumn student aid", and a total of 1.3576 million yuan of relief funds were distributed. In 2013, the Party committee of the company continued to carry out six livelihood projects such as "employee physical examination and health project, road quality improvement and reconstruction project, employee care and blessing project, fitness facility improvement project, labor security improvement force displacement (deformation) curve project, assistance and assistance coverage project", which has been widely supported by employees. At present, all projects are steadily advancing

(II) achieve good results in harmony and stability. Actively cooperate with provincial and municipal governments

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