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Analysis: high pollution raw leather processing has shifted to China. The downturn in raw leather prices this year has clearly formed a sharp contrast with the firestorm last year. According to insiders, at the beginning of the second half of this year, raw leather prices of cow hide and sheep skin have declined to varying degrees

the price of cow leather with a price of 400 yuan/piece last year has shrunk by nearly 50% this year. At present, the market transaction price is only about 200 yuan/piece; Compared with last year, the price of sheep skin this year is also hovering at the low price in recent years. Some dealers reported that the quality of raw leather this year was poor, the strength was poor, and the feel was bad. Domestic manufacturers have sought new ways to purchase

the hoarders have become the most difficult people at present. Some enterprises collected a large number of skins through various channels because of the soaring leather prices last year, hoping to reduce production costs; Some "opportunists" also bought a lot of leather at the high price of leather last year, hoping to make a big profit this year. However, due to the influence of various factors, the price of raw hides has been declining this year. Many enterprises report that a large number of raw hides are hard to sell in the warehouse, which not only occupies the inventory and funds, but also affects the quality due to the long storage time

influenced by many factors such as the quality and price of domestic raw hides, many enterprises are considering importing cowhide from abroad. However, insiders have reported that because the imported cowhide is controlled by foreign testing institutions, the raw hides are generally branded with 2-foot-square or 4-foot-square, elegant and convenient, and the utilization rate of leather is not high, and the price is not cheap. The price of imported cowhide with good quality is up to $80/piece, The price of ordinary quality varieties is also USD/piece, which is almost times the price of domestic raw leather

nevertheless, a large number of imported skins are favored by domestic manufacturers. According to the statistics of the customs, the import volume of raw hides at Shanghai Port alone has increased significantly this year. The dependence of domestic tanning enterprises on foreign raw hides has become a trend

however, experts pointed out that at present, the raw hides imported by China in the form of processing trade come from developed countries, but the raw hides processing is very easy to cause environmental pollution to the technical essentials of environmental testing machine. Tanning is a complex physical and chemical process involving hundreds of chemicals. What will be the impact of improper installation of electronic tensile machines? The discharged wastewater contains a lot of harmful substances such as lime, dye, ammonia nitrogen, sulfide and fur. At present, China's leather industry has discharged 70million tons of wastewater every year. The tanning industry is a labor-intensive industry in China. In recent years, due to the rise of raw leather prices in the international market, the industry's profits have further declined under the support of the National Natural Science Foundation program, 973 program, 863 program, international cooperation program and other programs. In particular, enterprises that produce leather products in the form of processing trade often earn only meager processing fees. In recent years, some developed countries have used China's imperfect environmental protection system to transfer the highly polluting rawhide processing to China. In addition, most of the domestic rawhide processing enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, and the environmental protection equipment is not in place, which adds to the burden of environmental protection. As a result, the main profits are transferred to foreign investors, but the pollution is left to themselves. Domestic tannery pollution control still has a long way to go

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