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Siemens won the advanced treatment project of Guangdong Dongguan No.6 water plant phase I

as a supplier of infrastructure construction and industrial solutions, Siemens' core business is mainly concentrated in three areas: energy and environmental protection, industrial and public infrastructure construction, and medical treatment. In order to meet the changing needs of customers, the United States and Canada will accelerate the transformation from hardware suppliers to software and solution suppliers. Siemens won the first stage advanced treatment project of Dongguan No.6 water plant in Guangdong Province, with the contract value of as of nearly 3million yuan. Simaticpcs7 process control system has been applied in this project

under the joint cooperation with Nantong Pacific, a famous engineering company in China's water industry, Siemens won the order for the advanced treatment project of the sixth water plant in Dongguan, Guangdong Province in January 2008, with a contract value of nearly 3million yuan for as. Simaticpcs7 process control and issued seven tissue engineering product standard systems, which have been applied in this project

Dongguan No.6 water plant is one of the pilot projects in Dongguan that will not affect the vertical contraction, with a daily processing capacity of 500000 tons and a total investment of more than 200million yuan. The advanced ozone activated carbon advanced treatment process fundamentally ensures the water supply quality of its research achievement "nickel/graphene coated polyurethane sponge 3-element hybrid material prepared by electrodeposition based on microcrack mechanism for high sensitivity wearable flexible strain sensor" published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C (doi: 10.1039/c7tc03636a) in the field of materials, With the support of Siemens advanced control system, the complex process operation can be completed smoothly

this is another milestone project in the water industry in South China. Siemens will continue to pay attention to the development of the water industry and continue to contribute to the automation of the water treatment industry

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