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Application of Sifang electric CA100 series servo in the lifting system of glass fiber twister

after the sample is broken, the twister is a textile machinery equipment that twists multiple strands of yarn into one strand. Its function is to process the yarn products after yarn consolidation into linear products for weaving and knitting. The twisting machine is suitable for twisting and ply projects of cotton yarn, cotton, chemical fiber, sewing thread, silk, glass fiber, etc. The application of this introduction is to design and produce glass fiber twisting equipment -- glass fiber twister

system analysis:

as the main type of textile equipment, the lifting system of glass fiber twister in the past was mainly formed by mechanical cam. If the process parameters change, it can only be realized by replacing the mechanical cam. The replacement cycle is long and the operation process is complex. Some twisters also use stepping motors instead of mechanical cams to realize the system lifting function, but there are certain limitations:

1 The cam needs continuous speed change, while the stepper motor responds slowly. In order to adapt to the characteristics of stepper motor, the continuous speed change during lifting and lowering can only be changed to constant speed, but the function of speed change is cancelled, and the yarn shape and winding capacity are affected, which is not conducive to reducing the winding capacity because it shows outstanding creep resistance and fatigue resistance degradation

2. As the speed of the stepping motor increases, the torque decreases rapidly

3. Generally, the temperature rise of stepping motor is high, which affects the stable operation time of the whole electrical system

lifting system of glass fiber twister

system configuration:

this scheme adopts Sifang CA100 servo system to replace the original stepping motor:

manufacturers have taken price reduction measures to maintain a profitable situation. 1 By adding the variable speed control process program in PLC, the function of electronic cam is realized with the servo system, which is conducive to yarn unwinding, the volume of winding is increased by 10%, the response speed is high, and the positioning accuracy is high

2. For each rise and fall of the system, the servo motor needs to complete accurate positioning, and the position positioning of the servo system changes dynamically every time according to the process algorithm

3. CA100 system is equipped with Modbus communication function as standard, which is convenient to communicate with the roller shaft and also provides convenience for program upgrade control

4. Sifang CA100 series has built-in DC power supply with strong anti-interference ability to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the system

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on-site transformation, the overall performance index of the equipment reaches and is superior to that of similar manufacturers, and the stable and excellent performance is recognized by the end users and supporting manufacturers

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