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Siemens' new SIMATIC controller can be used with advanced programming language

new CPU 1518 odk advanced controller expands the product lineup of high-performance SIMATIC s CPU, and the base adopts HT20 ⑷ 0 gray cast iron, And execute c/c++ code

simatic odk 1500s software package to make the high-level language and step 7 program run together in a controller

use SIMATIC step 7 target 1500s to automatically generate code from Simulink model and integrate it into CPU 1518 odk

now, users want to use c/c++ high-level language to program SIMATIC controller. For this reason, Siemens has developed a new CPU 1518 odk advanced controller and SIMATIC odk 1500s engineering suite by switching the deformation to displacement collection after the specimen is yielding. Based on the most powerful CPU in the latest SIMATIC s controller series, users use odk to generate their own high-level language programs and integrate them into the step 7 program of the new controller. The new series combines existing technical knowledge (such as algorithms written in c/c++) with the high-end Controller Technology launched by Siemens

simatic odk 1500s engineering suite is used for users to develop c/c++ applications. The suite also includes an eclipse open source program development environment for creating real-time applications, such as control functions and complex mathematical algorithms. The step 7 function block of SIMATIC controller is automatically generated, which can significantly simplify the configuration of the controller. Then, the program generated by high-level programming language can be called from the control program of CPU. Today, the existing function library can be used in wind power and other application fields

simatic step 7 target 1500s engineering suite and CPU 1518 odk enable users to integrate complex Simulink models into the control program of SIMATIC s controller for the first time. In this way, users can directly use Simulink on the s controller for model-based development

background information:

Siemens can provide some appropriate controllers in progress for automation tasks with extremely wide demand. SIMATIC series controllers that can be flexibly expanded include basic controllers, advanced controllers, distributed controllers and software controllers, all of which have the same functional range. S basic controller is mainly used for compact automation solutions. S advanced controller is for complex tasks, while et 200sp distributed controller is suitable for distributed applications. Step 3 of software controller: after installation, it is mainly for PC based applications

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