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Sierra wireless launched legato, a powerful platform based on Linux, to help develop embedded applications

China industrial control industrial control information Sierra wireless launched legato, a powerful platform based on Linux, to help develop embedded applications

Canada, Vancouver February 24, 2014 Sierra wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR; Toronto Stock Exchange: SW) today announced the launch of legato platform, This is an open source embedded platform based on Linux, which aims to simplify the development of machine to machine (M2M) applications from devices to the cloud

Philippe Guillemette, chief technology officer of Sierra wireless, said: it is expected to realize the interconnection of millions of devices in the next few years, but it still faces great challenges to open a new world of IOT. One of the major challenges is that developing new M2M applications requires a lot of time and investment from design to deployment and subsequent stages. During the construction of legato, our goal is to provide developers with complete device to cloud solutions, supplemented by necessary tools, support and development communities, so as to reduce investment and help speed up the development of embedded M2M projects

legato embedded platform is closely integrated with Wind River Linux (i.e. commercial Linux distribution with rich functions based on the latest open source technology), with M2M application framework and fully functional tools. The platform integrates powerful built-in connectivity, security and management functions, and has a solid open source foundation that is widely supported. It can provide tested solutions, and ultimately make M2M application development more rapid, easy and flexible

the signing and unveiling ceremony of Shandong Branch of wind r aluminum materials utilization research institute (hereinafter referred to as Shandong Branch of Materials Institute) was held in Shandong Huayu alloy materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shandong Huayu). Ive Linux was developed using yocto project open source infrastructure, and the latest version of Linux kernel was used as its upstream resources to ensure that customers can use the latest technological achievements in the open source field. The board level support package in Wind River Linux and legato has passed the verification of airprime WP and AR series intelligent modules; Wind River promises to provide legato customers with a series of professional services including customization, technical support and training

Dinyardastoor, vice president of product management of Wind River, said: for organizations that build applications and services for IOT, the long-term stability and support of the solution are crucial. The strong combination of legato and Wind River can provide these organizations with the support and flexibility they need to ensure the long-term protection of their development time and energy. Over time, this can not only maintain the durability of deployment, but also maintain the competitiveness and hardware interoperability with other systems. The idea of Wind River comes from the inheritance of reliable technology and profound expertise in vertical market segmentation, which can help customers explore new business opportunities nurtured by IOT

seize the market opportunity for embedded M2M development from device to cloud

legato can significantly reduce the time and cost required to build solutions, so as to seize the market opportunity for embedded M2M developers. It can provide customized components required by existing M2M solutions, and contribute to the development of various target markets such as interconnected vehicles, intelligent instruments and industrial automation

the application framework, Wind River Linux distribution and development environment are ready to run at any time. For customers of airprime WP and AR intelligent modules, legato has preloaded the modules, so OEMs can start the development task immediately

build at any time. With legato, developers can focus on the core applications that can create the greatest value for their own products, because it has built-in common M2M functions, which can save a lot of development time. Linux foundation can easily port it to any external processor, which means that the platform can be used with a variety of hardware solutions across deployments, and can also be used continuously between two generations of hardware. Thanks to the multi language support function, OEMs can make full use of the existing software and the technical crystallization of its development team

connect at any time legato is specially designed for connecting products, avoiding the complexity of wireless integration. Legato can seamlessly connect to the airvantage M2M cloud and provide a stable application protocol interface (API). It can easily connect to peripherals, networks and third-party cloud services through wired and wireless hardware interfaces without any connection expertise

with the airvantage M2M cloud, users can easily deploy and update embedded applications securely and wirelessly. In addition, airvantage also has an important strategic advantage, that is, it allows OEMs, service providers and their customers to configure and operate the data collected from Internet assets, and easily integrate these data into the back-end business intelligence system, and real-time integration when necessary

legato appears at embedded world 2014 industrial exhibition

embedded increases its strength and wear resistance through appropriate heat treatment process. World 2014 will be held in Nuremberg, Germany, from February 25 to 27, and Sierra wireless will participate in Germany. Welcome to booth 4, Hall 4. During the exhibition, we will regularly display and introduce legato provided by Sierra wireless, Wind River and other partners

availability and compatibility

legato is being tested by selected Sierra wireless customers and developers. For more information or interested in joining the test plan, please visit

legato will be pre integrated into all new intelligent modules developed by Sierra wireless, and airprime WP and airprime ar series modules delivered in the second half of this year will take the lead

about Sierra wireless

Sierra wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR; Toronto Stock Exchange: SW) is a global leader in machine-to-machine (M2M) devices and cloud services, committed to providing intelligent wireless solutions that simplify the interconnected world. We provide the most comprehensive 2G, 3G and 4G embedded modules and related product portfolio in the industry, which can be seamlessly integrated with secure M2M cloud services. Our innovative solutions can bring connected products and services to the market quickly, so they are trusted by the most widely used PHB customers in the world, including OEMs, enterprises and mobile network operators. Sierra wireless has more than 850 employees worldwide and has R & D centers in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit

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