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Siemens has won Iraqi power orders, or shared most of the cake of the 10 billion dollar reconstruction plan

in the battle with American competitor General Electric (GE) over the large order of Iraqi power, Germany Siemens, the largest European electrical engineering company, has taken the lead to become the partner of the Iraqi government in rebuilding power infrastructure. This is a blow to Ge, which also hopes to win orders in the country's market to boost its power generation performance

Siemens announced on April 30 that it had signed an implementation agreement with the Iraqi Ministry of electricity in Berlin to rebuild Iraq's power facilities. This agreement, signed under the witness of Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, covers all aspects of Iraq's re electrification, and outlines the specific projects, relevant budgets and schedules of various implementation stages, including adding new and efficient power generation capacity, repairing and upgrading existing power plants, and expanding transmission and distribution networks

due to the serious destruction of infrastructure caused by the continuous war, Iraq's own power supply capacity is limited, and the country's domestic electricity can not meet the basic living needs of its people. Frequent power outages and unpredictable power supply make the country's economy in trouble. At the Iraq reconstruction conference held by Siemens in Kuwait in February 2018, focusing on the automotive industry, Siemens first proposed to the Iraqi government the Siemens road map for the electrification of new Iraq, which contains a series of short, medium and long-term plans aimed at achieving Iraq's reconstruction goals and supporting the country's economic development. The implementation agreement signed this time has taken the above reconstruction road map a big step forward. That's all for the sharing of technicians. The two sides agreed to sign a contract worth about 700million euros for the first phase of the road map. These projects include the construction of a 500MW (1mw=1000kw) gas-fired power plant in zubaidiya in EPC mode; Upgrade 40 gas turbines and cooling system; 13 132kV substations and 34 transformers are installed throughout Iraq

After the meeting between the leaders of the two countries, Adil Abdel Mehdi said that Siemens is likely to obtain up to $14billion of electricity from Iraq, making China, the number one auto producing country, most of the orders in the infrastructure reconstruction plan

the huge orders in Iraq are crucial for both Siemens and Ge. Winning the contract will give a boost to the two companies' ailing power generation business in recent years. There was an episode in the negotiations between Siemens and Iraq, which once extinguished its hope of winning a big contract: according to the financial times last October, in order to let Ge win this tens of billions of dollars business, the trump government imposed intervention to persuade Iraq to cede the Contract negotiated with Siemens to ge. For this reason, Joe KAESER, President and CEO of Siemens, criticized the United States for obviously exerting political pressure on Iraq to reverse the competitive pattern in an interview. But the Iraqi government said at the time that the two companies were equal. In October last year, GE and Siemens signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of electricity of Iraq to rebuild the power infrastructure. In the future, they will increase 14gw (1gw=1000mw) and 11gw of power supply for Iraq respectively

in addition to electrification measures, Siemens also promised to donate an intelligent health clinic, provide us $60million software licenses for Iraqi universities, and provide vocational education and training for more than 1000 Iraqis in the aforementioned reconstruction plan. The above clinics will be equipped with Siemens' medical equipment, which can treat up to 10000 patients every year, making it easier for local people to obtain medical services. Software licensing will enable local Iraqi college students to master the digital skills they need in the future

our mission is to provide reliable and affordable electricity to the Iraqi people and help them rebuild their homes. Kaisa said in the statement that this binding agreement covers all aspects of the reconstruction road map. We also promise to arrange financing support for these projects to create attractive jobs and opportunities for the mass production of battery consoles used in trucks by small and medium-sized enterprises tepex

but Ge is still out and will share other Iraqi power orders. According to Bloomberg, the company responded in an email statement: Ge continues to cooperate with the Iraqi government to strengthen the country's energy infrastructure. We have put forward a comprehensive proposal covering all fields from power generation to transmission and distribution. We hope that the government will evaluate all solutions and make the best decision for the Iraqi people

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