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Siemens' world's most advanced distribution transformer factory started construction in Guangzhou

Siemens' world's most advanced distribution transformer factory held a construction commencement ceremony in Guangzhou Development Zone today. The new plant is designed and operated according to industry 4.0 standard. It will become a model plant for Siemens in the field of distribution transformers with less fuel used in the whole aircraft. At the same time, as an important part of Siemens' global distribution transformer R & D and manufacturing network, the new plant will provide medium and high-end distribution transformers and solutions for the global transformer market. The plant is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2021, when the existing capacity will be moved from the current distribution and transformation plant of Guangzhou Siemens Transformer Co., Ltd. (stgz) to the new site, and the capacity will also be doubled

at present, China's distribution transformer market is in the stage of rapid development. The new distribution transformer factory will give full play to Siemens' leading advantages in digitalization and realize digitalized and intelligent production in the field of distribution transformers, so as to better meet the growing needs of the market and customers. Wang Jianlei, general manager of the high voltage transmission business department of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. oil, gas and power group, said that the plant will become a model plant for anqingzi in the less developed area of Ximen in the intelligent manufacturing field of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area, and will drive the digital transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry in the region

since Siemens introduced GEAFOL dry-type transformer technology into China in 2007, stgz has become its only dry-type transformer production base in China, and established the first global dry-type transformer R & D center outside Germany in 2016. In recent years, due to the rapid growth of the distribution transformer market, the existing plant has been unable to meet the business needs, so the company decided to build a new distribution transformer factory. The new factory will make full use of Siemens' global leading advantages in digital business, and on the basis of lean production, the overall process will be highly integrated into intelligence and automation, taking the lead in realizing the standardized intelligent operation and digital manufacturing of standard test products in the life cycle in the field of distribution transformer manufacturing

before the construction of the new plant, Siemens IOT service division provided it with early-stage digital plant planning and consulting services, starting from the enterprise blueprint to carry out digital top-level planning, so as to realize the coordinated development of all departments of the enterprise. Carry out overall layout design of the factory through lean concept to optimize the process and identify waste, and study and optimize the overall factory production line. At the same time, adopt the design of factory automation concept, and replace repetitive labor with machines. In addition, the core of realizing manufacturing informatization is visualization. The application of system software reduces human error rate and improves data transparency, so as to better find problems, and present the appearance of future factories in a vivid and visual way through 3D modeling technology

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