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Siemens: the scale of the global wind power market will expand by three times in 2030

according to Reuters on August 26, Siemens, the world's third largest wind turbine manufacturer, recently predicted that driven by the growth of the Asian wind power market, the global wind power market is expected to expand by three times or more in 2030

according to Siemens' analysis, by 2030, the installed capacity of global wind power will increase from 273 GW in 2012 to 1107 GW, of which the share of Asia Pacific region will increase from the current 34% to more than 47%. At present, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, which together account for 40% of the global market share, will reduce to 34% of the global market share of high-temperature materials that the United States will focus on in the 21st century by 2030

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