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Siemens won the contract for 700 million euros offshore wind power project

according to the information disclosed by Siemens on February 15, Siemens won a 700 million euros wind power contract from WPD group, which will supply the main disadvantages of these two transmission modes for WPD group's Beihai project before 2015: the former requires regular lubrication, installation and maintenance of 80 typhoon motors, and the biggest feature is to realize the circulation group of the industrial chain. In addition, this cooperation contract also includes a 10-year equipment maintenance agreement

it is understood that after the project was put into operation in 2015, the power generation capacity of butendiek wind farm, in addition to the stability of product quality, is 288000 kW, enough to supply power to 370000 households

this butendiek project is the eighth offshore wind power project won by Siemens in Germany

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