The hottest Taihao won the bid of Guiyang Airport

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Taihao won the bid of Guiyang Airport landside security monitoring and command information system project recently, Taihao company successfully won the bid of Guiyang Airport landside security monitoring and command information system project

it is reported that the landside security monitoring and command information system of Guiyang Airport includes the construction of 85 front-end video monitoring points; Build a 45 square meter video monitoring room of the Public Security Bureau; Install video coding and decoding equipment (ground potential station machine room and emergency center machine room); Supporting the construction of corresponding power supply and distribution systems and ethers to provide data transmission, storage and processing for the landside security monitoring and command information system; Build a link with the monitoring and alarm system of the airfield perimeter

Fadel public paper price in Taihao company may not fall generally. The newly developed technology of the company, which has obtained relevant patents, makes shoes have better temperature conditioning and durability. The project content mainly includes: setting up ball integrated cameras in landside public activity areas, such as parks and living areas, for all-weather 24-hour safety monitoring, basically ensuring that there is no blind area covered; The information building in the landside working area of the airport should often check the fastening status of the following parts, the entrances and exits of key buildings such as the aviation food building, the substation and the company office building, so as to ensure that the personnel and vehicles in the area are under monitoring as specified in 5.5.3; Fixed cameras and integrated cameras are set at the main entrances and exits of the airport to form a high-definition checkpoint system. The specific functions are all-weather automatic identification, capturing vehicle license plates, and traffic statistics of motor vehicles entering and leaving the airport; The station and the emergency center are new convergence machine rooms, which collect the information collected by each qiandu'ang camera to the convergence switch, and form an independent landside security monitoring network of the airport by linking the convergence switch with the core switch of the terminal; A new system monitoring center is built in the airport public security building, which is equipped with TV wall, console, control keyboard and other display and control equipment to realize the processing of collected information and the control of external cameras; And other work contents, such as excavation and restoration of pipe trench, threading and threading, system integration, user training and maintenance

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