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The taipei exhibition highlights the broader dimension of the global plastic industry

my recent experience of participating in the Taipei International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition reminds me that in addition to the super large exhibitions held by developed countries to display top technology (such as K exhibition in Germany, NPE in the United States and IPF in Japan), the global plastic market has a broader side

Taiwan itself is a fairly mature economy, but the exhibition held from September 26 to 30 attracted many plastic buyers from emerging markets

business representatives from Jordan and Iraq are intertwined with buyers from Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates and India. PGA was first developed into an absorbable suture

Taiwan enterprises seem to be the perfect businessmen who travel everywhere, and are increasing the export of plastic machines to Africa. This year, the export to Nigeria, South Africa, Algeria and Kenya has increased significantly, although its base is small

I remember that once when I went to Taiwan, a local plastic machine salesman told me about his experience of selling blow molding machines in North Korea

he said that he had to hand in his passport after arriving in North Korea and could get it back when he left the country

this exhibition is very convenient for construction. About 60% of overseas visitors come from emerging countries

the situation was similar at the China International Rubber and plastic exhibition. The plastic industry in many places is booming, which may not be obvious in K exhibition or NPE

many large European companies are moving to emerging markets. For example, Austrian Engel group set up Yingtai subsidiary in China this year to produce relatively simple plastic machines specially designed for Asian product enterprises. In my opinion, this is tantamount to admitting that they need to launch new products in order to better tap this market potential

it is this trend that has driven the significant growth of Haitian International Holdings Co., Ltd., a Chinese plastic machine manufacturer, which has grown to become the leading plastic machine manufacturer in the industry in the past decade

Taiwan enterprises also believe that it is necessary to develop high-value markets, but they can win on the basis of implementing the supervision of local governments at all levels through services and solutions

the manufacturing level of local manufacturers is among the best in the world. Manufacturing giants such as Foxconn and Asustek (which is said to account for half of Apple's 50million iPhone 6) occupy a leading position in the electronic manufacturing service industry

Foxconn's participation in the exhibition attracted a lot of attention at the exhibition site. The company launched its own all electric injection molding machine at the exhibition for the first time

this measure is extraordinary. Originally a large user of accommodation machines (its global factory is equipped with 10000 plastic machines), now it wants to get involved in machinery manufacturing

therefore, Taiwan is not necessarily a low-end technology market, just as I have seen the trend in Taiwan by taking the high-speed rail that nearly 10 wood plastic product manufacturers have passed the certification of China environmental label. In addition, the exhibition is also attracting more buyers. The number of visitors to the exhibition this year rose 17% to 18600

Taiwan's machinery industry strives for survival between Western and Japanese enterprises with leading technology and rising stars in Chinese Mainland

at exhibitions such as the Taipei International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition, you can see all kinds of companies. For example, I met an Indian company that produces manual injection molding machines and blow molding machines. You heard right: it's manual. An operator turns the wheel to run the machine. I watched its operation with interest

nothing can make you feel more abundant in this industry than such an occasion. It turns out that in addition to high-tech exhibitions such as K exhibition

token is the president of plastic Asia, and was stationed in Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong from 2006 to 2014

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