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Taisheng group joined hands with Yunji to launch bamboo pulp household paper release date: Source: Taisheng group

on December 26, Taisheng group and Yunji held a "significance of +" bamboo pulp household paper listing press conference at Yunji headquarters in Hangzhou, and announced the signing of strategic cooperation. The two sides will jointly promote the rapid development of bamboo pulp household paper. In addition to the main meeting in Hangzhou, the hosts gathered in this press conference went to Taisheng Chishui and Jiujiang bases to trace the source of Chishui bamboo and paper mill through live cameras, attracting nearly 10000 people to watch and attracting strong attention from online consumers

at the event site, CMO Hu Jianjian said that the brand wanted to convey the concept of "Home + happiness, love - trouble" for everyone, and bring real good and healthy bamboo pulp paper to thousands of families together with excellent partners in the industry. Xu Guang, the brand head of "+ meaning", said that the annual sales volume of bamboo pulp paper in the platform has exceeded 500million bags, and the double 11 brand in the past has also entered the tens of millions. Yunji hopes that the brand can quickly enter a larger paper category, so it finds Taisheng, a leading bamboo pulp paper enterprise in the industry, to jointly create this high-value, high-quality bamboo pulp paper product

Luo Jian, vice president of Taisheng group, attended the event as a representative. He said that Taisheng attaches great importance to the cooperation with Yunji. The two sides give full play to each other's advantages, open up the supply chain and consumer side, integrate platform big data, tap the paper demand of community e-commerce consumers, and hope to jointly create a popular bamboo pulp paper product of e-commerce

at the same time, Luo Jian also said that Taisheng attaches great importance to sustainable development, deeply practices the development concept of "golden mountains and silver mountains are not as good as green waters and green mountains", and promotes a substantial increase in the forest coverage in the surrounding areas of the enterprise by building its own bamboo forests, cooperative afforestation, and giving bamboo farmers afforestation subsidies. This time, the two sides will also work together to carry out educational public welfare activities. Part of the sales will be used to buy books and donate them to local schools in Chishui, so that children in the mountains can enrich their study and life and grow happily through books

in addition, the representatives of Taisheng and Yunji joined hands with the community leaders to donate books to the children at Chishui Yucai School. The anchors shared the story of tracing the source of bamboo in Chishui and the factory from a bamboo to a piece of bamboo pulp paper, and happily interacted with the children, accounting for 19% of the total revenue of polymer 3D printing, so that more people can feel the public welfare power of the brand. At the branch venue of Jiujiang base, the anchor gathered to lead online consumers to visit Taisheng's fully automated three-dimensional warehouse through live cameras. Through the fully automated logistics and distribution operation, they can more intuitively feel the powerful production management ability behind the brand, so that everyone can feel more at ease about the products

through the live broadcast of the three places, consumers can intuitively feel the strong quality support behind the brand. The two sides also said that "the significance of JGJ 126 ⑵ 000+ specification for construction and acceptance of exterior wall facing brick Engineering" bamboo pulp household paper 1: the listing of the sliding surface of the inlaid steel plate in contact with the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean is only the beginning of successful cooperation. In the future, they will jointly explore the possibility of R & D and production of high-end products, connect the industrial source more closely with consumer demand, and work together to promote the development of more bamboo pulp paper products, Promote the healthy development of China's bamboo pulp paper industry

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