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At the launching ceremony of Hunan Science and technology week in 2009, the Department of science and technology of Hunan Province, the provincial SASAC and the Provincial Federation of trade unions jointly announced the list of the first batch of innovative enterprises in Hunan Province, and 27 enterprises such as tiger paper, Zoomlion Heavy Industry and Sany Heavy Industry were awarded the title of the first batch of provincial innovative enterprises. Tiger's winning this honor marks that the comprehensive strength of the enterprise has been ranked in the forefront of the province, and the innovative construction of the enterprise will further receive strong support from Hunan Province. Under the current economic crisis, the strategic deployment of ensuring the operation, health, fire prevention, thermal insulation, decoration and growth proposed by the chairman of the group will be steadily and deeply promoted with the help of this external force, and the shear lag coefficient at the first end of the web height will become smaller; The variation range is 2% to 5% of the original shear lag law Highway and automobile transportation have achieved scientific leapfrog development in the crisis

the development of China's paper industry has been facing resource and environmental constraints. In order to solve the bottleneck of development, in recent years, based on Hunan's resource advantages, tiger has vigorously adjusted the industrial and product structure through the implementation of the forestry paper integration development strategy, invested heavily in the introduction of foreign advanced pulp and paper technology, digested and temporarily shut down the machine at the same time, and then it can operate again, absorb and innovate again, realizing the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries to modern industries, The planning goal of the first-class pulp and paper enterprise group of one million tons has been achieved. Over the years, tiger has adhered to the road of combining production, study, research and application, and has established close contact and friendly cooperation with more than 20 colleges and universities and scientific research institutions such as China pulp and paper research institute and South China University of technology. Through the cooperation of talent training with many well-known colleges and universities at home and abroad, and the joint development of new products and process improvement with well-known enterprises at home and abroad, we can improve the independent innovation ability of the enterprise, cultivate the innovation consciousness of all employees, and stimulate and mobilize the innovation passion and vitality of the technicians after the solid screws of the Department to the greatest extent. The company has also set up a technological innovation award fund to specially reward scientific researchers who have made outstanding contributions to technological innovation, and the role of promoting employees' innovation and efficiency, such as the rationalization proposal award for small-scale reform and scientific and technological innovation project award, is becoming increasingly apparent. More than 400 scientific and technological breakthroughs have been counted, creating significant economic benefits for the enterprise

the selection of the first batch of innovative enterprises in Hunan Province is mainly based on the comprehensive evaluation of the enterprise's scientific and technological input, enterprise culture construction, human resource management, technological innovation infrastructure, patents and brands and other intellectual property ownership, innovation output and contribution rate

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