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Taiun uses zebra mobile printers to enhance logistics operations

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modern logistics refers to the whole process of the effective flow of raw materials, finished products and other physical objects from the beginning to the end and related information. It makes full use of information technology to organically combine transportation, warehousing, loading and unloading, processing, sorting, distribution and other aspects to form a complete supply chain. With the intensification of the process of global economic integration, whether it is the production system, we are getting closer to those companies that want to use polyurethane and polyester, and the requirements of retail enterprises for the response speed of the supply chain are constantly improving. With the formation of the chain business model in the logistics industry, we should not only provide customers with comprehensive distribution solutions, but also require rapid response and punctual delivery of distribution, At the same time, rely on information network to improve the operation efficiency of unit cost in the process of experiment. Therefore, logistics enterprises are facing the problem of how to improve the technology of warehouse management, material tracking and other fields

print on demand anytime, anywhere

in order to meet the needs of customers to reduce logistics costs and improve supply chain efficiency, Taiun Hong Kong Branch headquartered in Japan actively uses computer technology to provide customers with personalized logistics services through computer networks. In terms of inventory control and management, customers can check their inventory at any time through the information system. Taiun Hong Kong company reduces customer logistics costs by providing customers with timely delivery services. Since most of the service enterprises come from the manufacturing industry, in the whole information collection, Taiun Hong Kong uses mobile printers to improve the accuracy of the sub packaging of goods by labeling the scattered goods extracted from different containers. The labels on the container are printed while balancing the number of scattered items. Therefore, we use a tensile testing machine with high precision and small error to ensure consistency when doing tensile tests on them


the real-time communication such as the real-time height, speed and real impact rate of the falling hammer in the experimental process has been visually displayed through PC. Taiun Hong Kong company is in the stage of manual operation in the whole picking process, and all the work needs to be undertaken by three people respectively. First of all, someone will pick up the goods with the bill of lading. After that, another person will check the goods according to the bill of lading. Finally, another person will pack the goods. With the increasing number of customers, the manual operation method can not meet the requirements of customers for management quality and delivery efficiency, but also increase the work intensity of employees

Taiun Hong Kong company must find a way to identify and handle the product labels of different customers in time, so that the product information can be transferred to the network database in time, so as to improve the response speed of the whole supply chain. In order to better serve customers, Taiun Hong Kong has adopted zebra rw420 and symbol handheld terminals, both of which comply with 802.11 standards and can be connected to the wireless network of the logistics center. It also cooperates with the back-end system IBM as/400, which is integrated by an independent as/400 solution provider, and the application software developed by Taiun Hong Kong's internal IT team in Japan

when goods are warehoused, the manufacturer's bar will be scanned and relevant information will be input into the system. In the process of picking up the goods, the staff will scan the barcode label on the carton, so that the goods will automatically correspond to the goods listed in the bill of lading displayed in the handheld terminal one by one. If it does not match, an error message is displayed. Print both labels at the same time. First of all, print accurate barcode labels, and paste the printed labels on the goods in time, so that the number of pieces of each kind of goods is accurately marked. Next, print a new carton label showing the remaining quantity of goods to replace the existing label on the carton. These labels will help relevant personnel to control the inventory quantity in time and report the differences. After the picking process, the goods will be moved to the packaging area. The relevant personnel will use the fixed scanner to read the barcode again and check it with the bill of lading. The whole process has high accuracy inventory information, which improves the timely distribution and greatly improves the competitiveness in the logistics market

the whole process is simple and convenient. As shown in the figure below:


by using zebra's rw420 barcode printer, Taiun Hong Kong company allows customers to accurately and quickly track inventory at the first time, directly tracking each single product. Through the network, the management is extended to the final product, which reduces the loss and improves the transparency and operation efficiency of supply chain management. In addition, the use of zebra rw420 bar code printer reduces the error rate of Taiun Hong Kong company. Through the use of bar code technology and warehouse management system, Taiun Hong Kong company greatly improves its work efficiency and doubles its turnover speed

"zebra's complete range of mobile printers and rich knowledge of mobile solutions impressed Taiun Hong Kong." Mr. NORIKAZU Hashimoto, managing director of Taiun Hong Kong company, said, "Zebra's excellent solution has brought us great help:

first of all, the delivery time has been shortened from 20 minutes to 10 minutes. At present, Taiun Hong Kong cargo handling personnel can handle 300 to 400 delivery orders for each customer every day - it is absolutely impossible to do this using the previous manual method. Cargo handling personnel are full of confidence in handling more than 500 delivery orders every day in the peak season.

Secondly, the inventory variance rate was reduced from 0.008% to 0.002%, a decrease of 75%. This saves Taiun Hong Kong (Thai Transport) and its customers a lot of expenses. As the goods can be checked, checked and marked at the same time in the process of picking up, the probability of picking up the wrong goods or picking up the wrong quantity is greatly reduced. Taiun Hong Kong believes that the improvement of accuracy will help its customers better serve their customers

in addition, what makes the warehouse staff more happy is that they no longer need to work overtime frequently

Taiun Hong Kong will maintain long-term cooperation with zebra to further innovate the management process. (end)

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