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Taishan glass fiber commemorates the 15th anniversary of the first 10000 ton tank furnace line in China.

on May 4, Taishan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. held a grand "15th anniversary celebration of the first 10000 ton alkali free glass fiber tank furnace wiredrawing line in China" in Tai'an. More than 150 senior leaders of Taishan fiberglass, leaders of Sinoma, members of Taishan fiberglass party and government leadership, middle-level cadres and employee representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Su Kui, vice president of Sinoma and Secretary of Taishan fiberglass Party committee

tangzhiyao, chairman and general manager of Taishan fiberglass, made a report entitled "one heart, one mind, planning for new development; focus on achieving new leaps". He reviewed the 15 years of glorious and bumpy development of Taishan fiberglass, introduced the implementation of the 12th Five Year Plan of Taishan fiberglass, and analyzed the current pressure and situation. He called on the majority of cadres and workers to adhere to scientific development, forge ahead, explore and innovate, and forge ahead in unity under the leadership of Sinoma Group, Tai'an municipal Party committee and Tai'an municipal government, so as to realize the new leap forward development of Taishan glass fiber and strive to build Taishan glass fiber into an internationally competitive glass fiber enterprise

as a cadre representative, Yang Hao, deputy chief engineer of Taishan glass fiber, spoke at the meeting. From his own experience, he expressed his gratitude and love for Taibo, and expressed his determination to do his best and make contributions to the development of Taibo

Zhang Zhifa, vice president of Sinoma, delivered a speech entitled "gather energy, forge ahead, strengthen confidence, and create brilliance again". He recalled the difficulties in the early stage of entrepreneurship and pointed out that the development of Taishan fiberglass was inseparable from the hard work and silent dedication of the vast number of cadres and workers; He summarized the remarkable progress and development made by Taishan fiberglass after joining Sinoma Group, and pointed out that the future development of Taishan fiberglass cannot be separated from the leadership and support of the group; He asked the cadres and employees of Taibo to always be full of confidence, strive to overcome the difficulties caused by the current recession in the glass fiber industry, unite as one, unite as one, and strive to build a world-class glass fiber enterprise and create a world-famous brand

Qi Chengfang, former deputy mayor of Tai'an City, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, and the first director of the preparation office of composite materials engineering in Tai'an City, made an important speech: equipment that converts various measured signals into electrical signals. He said that over the past 15 years, Taishan fiberglass has made great achievements and made outstanding contributions to the economic development of Tai'an City. On behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, he expressed heartfelt thanks to the cadres and workers of Taishan fiberglass. He asked Taishan fiberglass to continue to do a good job in technological innovation, do a good job in enterprise management, solidly promote the construction of the new area, and make greater contributions to the construction of a strong and famous city in Tai'an and the economic take-off

after the meeting, the annual output of plastic products and accessories was more than 6 million tons. The old leaders of Taishan fiberglass visited the new area and the electronic cloth factory of Zoucheng company, accompanied by members of the party and government leading group of Taishan fiberglass. They were delighted with the construction scene in the new area, and applauded the clean and bright environment and modern production line of the electronic cloth factory. The old leaders said one after another: they are proud of yesterday and today of Taishan fiberglass, and wish Taishan fiberglass a better tomorrow

Qi Yunzhen, former Deputy Secretary General of Tai'an municipal government and former deputy director of Tai'an Building Materials Industry Bureau; Liu Shu, former director of Tai'an Building Materials Industry Bureau and Secretary of the Party branch of the preparation office of Tai'an composite materials project, there is no need to worry about imitation; Liu Chuanyin, former director of Tai'an Labor Bureau and deputy commander in chief of Tai'an composite material preparation project headquarters; Liu Ying, President of Sinoma technology and former general manager of Taishan fiberglass, attended the commemorative meeting

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