Temperature rise test and data analysis of Bogie A

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Temperature rise of Bogie Axle Box of urban rail vehicles (1) test and data analysis

the function of axle box device is to connect the wheel set with the side frame or frame, so that the rolling of wheel set along the rail is transformed into the translation of vehicle body along the line; Bear the dead weight of the vehicle and transmit the force in all directions; Ensure good lubrication performance, reduce wear and reduce running resistance; It has good sealing property to prevent dust, rain and other objects from invading and throwing oil, so as to avoid damaging the lubrication of grease and even fuel oil accidents

in order to maintain the good quality of bearings, low operating temperature is extremely important. Even if the temperature increases slightly, it will also reduce the oil film thickness, reduce the grease life and shorten the bearing life. Relevant data shows that if the bearing temperature is reduced from 85 ℃ to 65 ℃, the bearing life can be increased by 35%, the oil film thickness can be thickened by 65%, the grease life can be increased by 150%, and the bearing size can be improved by 100%

in view of the important role of axle box device, in order to ensure the performance of axle box assembly of urban rail vehicle bogie, the axle box temperature rise test is required after the completion of bogie assembly. This test is the axle box temperature rise test for the bogie installed with an imported bearing by CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd

1 test preparation

used to evaluate the durability of adhesive tape (1) main equipment and instruments for the test. During the test, the rolling test bench (controlling the wheel speed) and the sensor (PTl00 platinum resistance and equipment) for real-time detection and collection of temperature are mainly used.

(2) the parameters and characteristic states of the tested object. The test object is a bogie installed with an imported bearing, assembled and qualified according to the relevant technical documents

2 test process

(1) counterweight. Place the tested bogie on the track wheel set of the rolling test bench, install the simulated subway sleeper beam and the simulated car body on the tested bogie, configure weights on the simulated car body, and apply the load under aw3 working condition on each Ningqi spring. The loading tooling should be firm and reliable to avoid accidents when the wheel set is running. During loading, Ningqi shall be protected, and the flat locating pin on the interface spring and the air inlet of Ningqi spring shall be operated by touch diagram control

(2) layout of measuring points. The sensors for measuring temperature are arranged according to figure 1 (taking one wheel set as an example, the arrangement points of the other wheel set correspond). The arrangement of measuring points shall be carried out according to the results of the preliminary test. The 1-CUT valve on the hydraulic control box shall not be opened and placed for proper adjustment

3 test content

(1) preliminary test. Before the stop test, a preliminary test should be carried out, which mainly has the following functions: to make the lubricating grease in the axle box evenly distributed; Monitor the temperature rise of axle box and adjust the layout of measuring points. The layout of measuring points in the test is shown in Figure L

control the speed of ningzhuan test-bed to make the rotation speed of the test bogie wheels gradually increase from 0 km/h to 80 km/h, among which the most studied is the composite of graphene and manganese dioxide. See Table 1 for the time distribution of each speed range

in the whole preliminary test, the test bogie runs in stop and reverse direction respectively

120 Mn

during the preliminary test, monitor the temperature rise of each measuring point of axle box assembly and the temperature rise of other areas without measuring points (gearbox, motor, etc.)

(2) stop test. After the preliminary test is completed, start the test bench (aw3 worker 7 brother) under the condition that the bogie transmission system is cooled, and control the running speed of the bogie wheel set to accelerate to 80 krrgh within 10 minutes,

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